Thursday, February 11, 2010


" of the few mathematical expressions to serve as a piece of evidence in a criminal trial. In August 2003, an ecoterrorist assault on a series of car dealerships in the Los Angeles area resulted in $2.3 million worth of damage; a building was burned and over 100 SUVs were destroyed or defaced. The vandalism included graffiti consisting of slogans such as "GAS GUZZLER" and "KILLER"; and, on one Mitsubishi Montero, the formula e to the i·π + 1 = 0. Using this as a clue and later as evidence, the FBI arrested William Cottrell, a graduate student in theoretical physics at the California Institute of Technology, on eight counts of arson and conspiracy to commit arson. At the trial that resulted in his conviction, in November 2004, Cottrell admitted having written that equation on the Montero. 'I think I've known Euler's theorem since I
was five,' Cottrell said during the trial. 'Everyone should know Euler's theorem.' " --Robert P Crease, The Great Equations (2008)

"By the 1970s, the paperback was the principle mode for poetry..."

Neda + Loreena McKennitt--together at last. (via #neda)

[A] guide to the Islamic citations and allusions in Obama's Cairo speech. (via Orcinus)

"Imagine your child being tortured...for years."

Mindbending Sculpture.

"He engaged in almost no archival research but instead fabricated hundreds of quotations and statements, including correspondence between some people who never lived and some politicians who were long dead..."



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