Saturday, January 06, 2007

"The opposite of torture is not progress but charity." --B*rg*r

   but curry stirs
scaffold sunlight crawls iron cyst
   usurp star gibbons

FOREVER starting again, having to go back to the last place you remember: isn't this the law of flicker-self? Why do you imagine it is ever any different?
   Negligence is an army. In this landscape of futile guideposts, language itself is only the pointer, perhaps, to what should have been the in-between places.
   And philosophy moves like another such caped crusade, multiplying shadows in its war against the tendency to flicker.

    diagram including you
    and form slipping habitat
    diagram bold in its faith
    black plutonium cargo
    diagram burning ions
    spiral my long story wood

Friday, January 05, 2007

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"Vantage, Used"

The mountain is an island in sky.
Our half formed lungs can’t take much of it
and our eyes sear with what we have no words for
except: sky. I feel already a fossil on the mountain.
I know that my kind will be obsolete someday.
That is why i return to the mountain, for those awful glimpses
of our apocalyptic bungling
sealed in history like an ambered dragonfly.

--Chastizing th* B*autiful Monst*rs

"...madness is revolutionary freedom confined to the self." --John B*rg*r

Thursday, January 04, 2007

People who move surrounded with lies have a different relation to the world from those whose uncomplicated acceptance offers no pitfalls, and whose relative consensus in regards to the things that matter most, occasion but little irremediable conflict.


I will stay,
i will learn to live and die in the body,
the body’s knowing and what it doesn’t know.
My armor will be that i am flesh
without appeal, in the fleetness of its perishing.
Here on this island of Easter
gull’s cry flies forever among the stone faces.

--Chastizing th* B*autiful Monst*rs

Plains Indian L*dg*r Art. (via M*tafilt*r)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

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Plan*tocopia. (via M*tafilt*r) "Move Mars where Venus is now, and put Venus is Mars's place, or perhaps a bit further out, toward the inner edge of the asteroid belt. Assume they were there from the beginning, and estimate their current surface temperatures! You'll find that life on Hot Mars probably would develop early, when the sun was cooler. Life would suck up CO2 and keep the planet from runaway greenhousing. ...Meanwhile, our Cool Venus, swathed in a thick atmosphere, would be warm enough for life but lacks enough water for large seas. With the air so rich in CO2 and water as the limiting factor, sparse plant life might be all we'd get, but who knows?"

" "If you're a poet," he said, "you don't just remember dreams, you remember how dreaming works. You can do it in the daytime: mapping from one set of states of affairs to another, so that there arises this thing called 'meaning.' I couldn't tell how 'how,' no more than I could tell you exactly how I put one foot in front of another. You don't 'how' it, you do it. You can do it with suggestive abstract patterns as easily as with shaped sound... In fact, you can't stop. It's because you and I are addicted to the thing called 'meaning' that we use words, and have responsibilities, and people who depend on us." "

--Whit* Qu**n

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

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  not Kirlian coral blows
stark affliction block my windows

  famous mafioso wind
storp high opal moan my windows

his ik bin ibi path twinkling
    pillow book my windows

Lor*nzo Milam today. (via wood_s lot)

"...Of cataclysmic presence;
of strangest rage, of ache, of blasphemy."


Monday, January 01, 2007

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"What would be torture in the world of phenomena is beauty in the world of artistic representation." --Un*arthing th* Past

Mast*rs of D*c*ption.

   From clarity to
blocking it and back as if
   taking action this
ord sciamachy crypt crunk
   construction mugs throng
infamous flitting mirror
   mar sky did moon skid
roam miry clutch clarity
zzxjoanw padishah drum rich murk

"What boggles the mind now is the way the nation seems to be taking this loss in stride." (via wood_s lot)

Sunday, December 31, 2006

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'It is only at first sight that the absolute indifference of early Christians towards the life of the historical Jesus is disconcerting.' --Alb*rt Schw*itz*r


our viridian
strict claw drouth
claw punish curviangular skald

cloud indigo skald laws walk
through blast tomorrow through lorn lock as only
black distract to abolish

Nation of Thizzlam.