Saturday, August 19, 2006

"Perhaps my favorite folks were these crazy tree pirates who had set up about 30' above the ground in large Aspens. They had this totally cool above ground thing going on, like Ewoks. They'd lower baskets and "fish" for gifts, or at times lower a pipe as an offering."


dawn rain aroma
cry of a bird · murky road
must do what i do

fish and fish and fish on a
singular gazing nowl round

All unknowns do not form a singular ginormous Unknown. Why do humans insist on thinking so? Just as a natural illusion would join up all this human's acts into a singular actor who wills...

"...More and more
I get like shadows; I find out
How they hate."


Bully Boy.

Friday, August 18, 2006

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Kind words cost nothing, so why so sparing?

V*rn*r Panton.

Food for thought.

War Slav*ry Blog. (via R*b*cca Blood)

Big Nightfall bug crawl
Ogpu in calcspar glory
camo Olofi

star cold to iron raucous mist
and my hand finds toxic fog

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Outcry from th* Inf*rno.

"If it weren't too late to make amends
and build upon the crumbling taiga
what might come from listening to a poet,
if it weren't too late.

Nothing else can nail us to this road
now that we have heard the wolf;
now that we have lost a house by fire...

And yet I always think of this:
before they fall, it is our wills clasp death--
and will's a thing of melting iron.

If it weren't too late."

--L*mmy Caution, Mayb*rry R. F. I. D. (2006)

Ilka hiatus of will stands for a loss that won't go away.

Most Famous Unknown Artist. (via M*tafilt*r)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Orkhon script.

all that falls must land
bound for calcspar land

is our trysting lost
from orgasm land

drowning hungry pool
this tidal turn land

radio scrum dust
now not a sound land

solitary waft
though Grinchus groks land

    "...the ritual
indigo of nightfall--"

--Dan Brown, Matt*r (1996)

"...the first-ever novel written entirely in instant messages."

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

" 'I say; one simply mustn'y get sentimental,' [Philo Vance] remarked with a forced smile, turning back to the room. 'It decomposes the intelligence amd stultifies the dialectic processes...' " --S S Van Din*, Th* Bishop Murd*r Cas* (1929)

Walmart camo · blindfold ambush wasp
fragrant story · schoolroom mask

immigration · pools

Walmart camo Olofi · ambush wallop
fragrant · still

schoolroom mask · am following
wodwo · all woolly

Monday, August 14, 2006

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brisk · cravings
mimsy · tsunami skid sculpt
arriving · raucous

iv'ry villain · indigo iguana ashram
amok with imgrat · osmium myth

it is functional · insanity
lamp · impish
pitch as skip · killing idol

usufruct icily fulcrum · slap spinning
it falls · brisk cravings

A curious thought about Saffron Kingship in our actual world. Plus. And. Or.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

this warmth will not go until
fronds among stark maroon us

this smoky suffocation
until turning winds rock us

with our songs in Carcosa
all toxic flavors glut us

a robot rolls across Mars
as Baghdad bloodbaths drug us

Jav*lin Pr*ss.


"Disney built a dynasty based on every seven years a child goes to the movies for the first time. The Sidaris dynasty is built on the theory that every four years there's a college freshman in a frat house on a Friday night who wants to see a Sidaris movie!"