Saturday, May 27, 2006

   "The Homecoming of Hector and Andromache

Pattatala ta champ ta deedle arbu
Nofledator O kalee kalakumba.
Eemok ar ta eemok seegalong singi
Comatalone comatalà comataleepi
Traumpatessi kuk√ę otala keeti.
Andromak Hektorika tingi
Heedarom sarbu."

--Paul Roch*, To T*ll th* Truth (1967)


  magnolia blossoms
i am not avid to hold
   still i am glad for
on my road of commuting
ruin in front and in back

Friday, May 26, 2006

in my old school
i cross paths with ghosts

a world
still to claim

what did i think
i would hold today

what was i chasing
that i caught

ruinous wind
on a morning so bright

"It is the fate of old third-rate poets like me, who can no longer find a print venue for our work, who have failed in the real world of poetry; it is our doom to slink away with our whipped reps between our legs and come here to the blog-realm where all bad poets my age will end up.."

"The life of Alfred, written in Latin and in Roman character by Asser, was reprinted by Archbishop Parker in Anglo-Saxon letters." --Thomas J*ff*rson

"Little Book, in green and gold,
Thou art thus bedight to hold
Robert Southey's Album Rhymes,
Wrung from him in busy times:
Not a few to his vexation,
By importune application;
Some in half-sarcastic strain,
More against than with the grain;
Other some, he must confess,
Bubbles blown in idleness..."


On my victrola- S*pharad: Songs of th* Spanish J*ws.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

"Saramago. Did you know that Giovanni Portiero, my longtime English translator, died?

Interviewer. When?

S. In February. He died of AIDS. He was translating Blindness, which he finished, when he died. Toward the end, he himself started to go blind as a result of the medication his doctors gave him. He had to choose between taking the medication, which would sustain him a little longer, and not taking it, which would create other risks. He chose, shall we say, to preserve his vision..." --Paris R*vi*w #149

"A poetic that is bigger than itself." (via Po*sy Galor*)

Lingua Franca.

Saturn raucous stir · rubric pram
anguish grasp pall · gulf scowl follow
full as Iscariot · storp milch
prog Arabic pump · aboard try
wisp scoot · apropos brillig fang

"So much depends upon a red SUV filled with high-octane beside the dark snack bar."

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

' "There is an amendment," she said very seriously, "by the great scholar Sheik Ismail of Andedil. There are times when alcoholic drinks are allowed." ' --Th* Girl from th* Gold*n Horn

"But what are "hominids" and "cats" doing on Mars?"

Clarity holds back my fall. Slow now as sunlight slaps a flash off tumbling liquid. In a far location you will not know what occurs.

rushing hungrily · as char risk
into iguanodon shun · ruck
and igloo frisk · bilk sloppily
lyrical rasp · as sculpt shadows
radar grim · from wild island aks

"The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness." --John K*nn*th Galbraith via D*ath 3nds Fun


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

(via slash slash ncartmus*um dot org)

musky hyrst unmasking · mimsy and whist crimson
a long slog by slingshot · slamming hymns in crimson
spy dust as a distant · addiction prowls owl-light
and bright Grinchus brunchwards · Plimsoll sips squall crimson

Plimsoll sips squall crimson as gulls spiral
viral unwar flint ghoul
twinkling and livid Algol
sung drowsily gallium

Plimsoll sips murrain ichor
gallop wasp warping Damcar

"It may not be great literature, but I can only assume that both Twain and Borges, perhaps as old men, would have found humor in meshing a gastroenterological disorder with the brand name of a popular cola drink to create a title for a finished work.."

"The song was originally called "Walpurgis"..."

Chylum. (via M*tafilt*r)

Monday, May 22, 2006

Turn To Islam dot com.

"Every community has its atrocity stories." (via Robot Wisdom)

On my victrola- Tori Amos: Boys for P*l*

Vlach flinch · past scoriac throughways
of clouds with inky · scriptural
who spool pagan · ostrich strangling
island scour · pornolatry brink

"At some point during his journey to Italy, Lev decided that he would adopt an Ottoman identity--just as everyone else was rejecting it, even many of the Turks." --Th* Ori*ntalist