Saturday, April 23, 2005

"Lisbon, Warsaw, and Naples vie for the title of grimmest city in Europe. But they’ll never match Istanbul, says Orhan Pamuk..." (via ALDaily)

"At the entrance, after the city's emblem, one finds the most typical symbol of Lisbon, the raven. Today, this raven is stuffed and in a cage, but it's ancestors were those which accompanied the boat which brought the body of Saint Vincent, the patron saint of the city, to Lisbon. The raven walked freely between the tables, accepting with good faith what the customers gave it to eat and to drink, appreciating especially the wine." --liner notes to Fernanda Maria canta Fernanda Maria


1. Sith songthink says words backwards · sing with doubly strong sound.

2. Any song has its anti song · that mocks its point.

3. Pick words first to star · as claws in a song.

4. A Sith song always starts out · in a familiar spot.

5. Two colors in a Sith song · sort its two moods.

6. "I" is its only pronoun · found fourth in any song.

7. Sith gods show in a song’s modifying words · not nouns.

8. Pazuzu is: tubular, rapacious, sly, twinkling, grisly, forlorn, and ruinous.

9. Mid high dots split · two parts of a "tart" string.

10. Sith songs do not tarry · past a handful of strings.

Night Gall*ry. (Much inspiring my first thoughts of art and painting.)

Friday, April 22, 2005

"William Carlos Williams is going down."

    "Comet Fever

By one blue gleaming
the sidewalk crawls with water.
I listen to chatter and squeaks.
Most of it’s past.

Beyond my snug embrasure
except that lamp, night hides.
I watch what no one watches.
Sleep has taken all.

Unblinking star, I used to home
only as the row of them went out.
Then snuffed I as suddenly.
That was awhile ago.

Suburbanite's sentinel, catching nothing
night after night, not even cats:
rain and wind quicken you.
But I glare unchanged.

Out of a measured labor
where days cycle blind

I stepped to become a fiction
as one leaves a car

that no longer runs
by the side of the road.
The pavement's sheen is twinkling.
With a rush, the cataract resumes."

--Tono Bungay, Chick*n N*cks for Th* Soul (2012)

"I am forbidden to make a living, therefore I am; my impossibility is my defiance."  --Ivy F*rrari, A S*ri*s of Unfortunat* Pr*sid*nts (2009)

My window works for a day.

"Kalmykia was a desperately poor Maine-sized republic on the northwest coast of the Caspian sea. Here, a chess movement was underway. The republic's president, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, a former chess prodigy, was using the game, I believed, the way tyrants used religions to unite people."  --J C Hallman, Th* Ch*ss Artist (2003)

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Glandular Omnism. (via wood_s lot) (I said.)

Mich*ll* Hartman has a w*bpag*!

Kipling hands this draft in:

"In time, the whole place wangled another fame,
and torture flourished loud too in freedom's land.

This parable I cannot understand
inscribes unfurls across the sky in figured flame
and though we crawl swarm beneath as then and barely name
our fear anymore, our dragon terror is at hand.

How long since we put let baboons mandrills in take command,
and how much longer must they swagger still? No tongue may frame
the public question. Blindfold justice, she
who firing squads can face, with aim as poor,
        Weil saw more, and she
spoke of the Great Beast...
Misfortunes pour
now; what else can poor Pandora free

but that which always hoicks gathers swept them to our shore,
a recklessness that sometimes works? Like me
you dare left turns --but I do not adore.
        For me
freedom is a window, not a door
        To me
but chaoslight on Shrub’s Plutonian shore?
Small future stays in sight for mine and me,
And as for what I’ve made
--drunk toreador--"

What would Lazarus think?

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Statu* of P*ssoa in Lisbon.

"At the age of eight he accomplished the spectacular feat of devising a new table of logarithms using a base of twelve instead of the normal ten..." --Wallac* op cit

Also, 'th* bowman obscur*s' in his lingo V*nd*rgood is: "The toxoteis obscurit."

Th* Ch*ss Artist.

Ambi*nt C*ntury.

Art prostitut*.

No man's land. (As if drawn during that war, and not just now.)

"There are literally hundreds of songs about why one sings fado, who sings it and to who it should be sung." --Donald Coh*n, Fado Português (2003)

"He told the story of Benjamin Franklin's leaving one hundred dollars in his will to his native town of Boston, to be put out at 6 percent compound interest for a century, then used for a work of public benefit. At the end of that period--in 1890--the one hundred dollars had grown to forty thousand dollars. The money was used to build Franklin Park, which is the same size as New York's Central Park." --Amy Wallac*, Th* Prodigy (1986)

"Pessoa became profoundly influential as a poet; a number of his lyrics were set to music and became popular as fados." --Coh*n, op cit (Also.)

            for the

--Dani*ll* St**l

Monday, April 18, 2005

Razbliuto, alas.

"Watch long enough, and you will see the leaf
Fall from the bough. Without a sound it falls:
And soundless meets the grass... And so you have
A bare bough, and a dead leaf in dead grass.
Something has come and gone. And that is all.

But what were all the tumults in this action?
What wars of atoms in the twig, what ruins,
Fiery and disastrous, in the leaf?
Timeless the tumult was, but gave no sign.
Only, the leaf fell, and the bough is bare.

This is the world: there is no more than this.
The unseen and disastrous prelude, shaking
The trivial act from the terrific action.
Speak: and the ghosts of change, past and to come,
Throng the brief word. The maelstrom has us all."

--Conrad Aiken

Sunday, April 17, 2005

William Jam*s Sidis. Most of his works.

Caliph Marburg slack
pillbug uptown,
physical ambolic cairn

gray ubiquarian cups
fry ogganition (asp slow hazaj)

act sky opt,
sill flow sly abs bunk; ugh gunk apt struck logic

twig and sport throwstick

cynanthropic ascian firm/.