Saturday, February 12, 2005


Their spades grafted through the variably-resistant soil. They clove to the hoard. They ransacked epiphanies, vertebrae of the chimera, armour of wild bees' larvae. They struck the fire-dragon's faceted skin.

The men were paid to caulk water-pipes. They brewed and pissed amid splendour; their latrine seethed its estuary through nettles. They are scattered to your collations, mouldywarp.

It is autumn. Chestnut-boughs clash their inflamed leaves. The garden festers for attention: telluric cultures enriched with shards, corms, nodules, the sunk solids of gravity. I have accrued a golden and stinking blaze."

--Geoffrey Hill, Mercian Hymns (1971)
If this is at all a tomorrow story, it should show us a way forward. First, plain folk will not flourish thus, nor will sharp folk who join in for gain. Though mutual distrust holds us apart, still our survival is a product of sharing, as our doom a product of not.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Journalistic N*wthink. (via Cursor)
     “Everybody That Comes Drives By

Recurrent nightmares--addictive consolations.
And I say I want to be strong,
I want not to die of
these colors...
But we are all so good at surviving
just the way we started as,
we have to be. The machines
will crush a part that doesn’t fit.
   Once I walked
and kept walking till I couldn’t any farther
and I was still in the midst of it,
and I couldn’t see how walking
all that ways
had made one bit of difference.

That’s how we feel about change.”

--Ogpu Savak, Th* Hors*sho* Crab Whisp*r*r (1993)
Always, humans saw and thought variously, but had no way to find out what subcultural worlds this variation might amount to. Not now. Occurring at a political and physical world crisis, it has not brought forth unambiguous fruits, but from this point on, groupings will grow out of intrinsic quality and not an arbitrary kind.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Tau C*ti.

Only a unitary, and fairly dull, output from googling for "politics of gnosticism".
But looking for "bland doom" found two (don't go, though) phony outputs: "A getting below the laborer gives the bland doom at a preferred chinwag." And: "A getting below the laborer gives the bland doom at a public craze."

Hand of Fatima.

On my victrola: C*llutron and th* Invisibl*s.

Morons too absorb and grow various from a strong running onda for glamorous unknowns. A singular thought holds many Morons; still, all kinds of non-Moron things attract this curious bunch. Just as past or far off flavors maintain a sort of phantom minority group status now, so will Moron quality split into such subflavors.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Hollyridg* Strings.

Psych*d*lic Futurism. (thanx Jo*!)

Probably this bout of fascism will also fail, through ludicrous lack of planning if not by good guys winning. But what will bring down Moronism? That plurality will not go away, and now it has found its thought. Must only WalMart, only country music, only kitsch art and plain talking bards flourish, from now on?

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

   "Story for Sharp Folk"

How many individual Morons found thought of union as a singular thing with Moron quality and Moron truth. How this was good for Moron quality, good for fascists, but bad for our nation and this world. How Morons still don't know that a torn up world with many poor is no fun for Morons also.

("Plain folk" or "ordinary folk" or "just folks" would insult not so much. But i am mad.)

Is it right to find a psychological story for social ills? (Not as bad as that cosmic-combat story, anyway.) Could i do without a story for it? Probably. Prior stupid days; stupid days now, with small hiatus. But i am far too mild on my own sort, i know. Our hand was in it.

Sharp folk, plain folk both: found thought of group quality gradually. Good things in both; bad. Individualism in sharp folk is group quality, and hazardous for too much. So things did go that way too far, now back too far in its swinging? Which of us wants to talk about it in such a way??

"That poem about the monkeys reminds me of Pol Pot." --B*msha Swing

So Crazy Hal was against Dominionism--in 1989!?

"You think the buffalo can die, the whale and the tiger can die, and not a measly artform?" --Joshua Tr**, Th* Fiv* Robots You M**t in H*av*n (2012)


Twilight, a timid fawn, went glimmering by,
  And Night, the dark-blue hunter, followed fast,
Ceaseless pursuit and flight were in the sky,
  But the long chase had ceased for us at last.

We watched together while the driven fawn
  Hid in the golden thicket of the day.
We, from whose hearts pursuit and flight were gone,
  Knew on the hunter's breast her refuge lay."

--AE, op cit

Monday, February 07, 2005

"Time for a Japanese dude to write poems using the name Kent Johnson." --Heathens in Heat
"I don't want the United States 'off the planet,' I want the government changed and the criminals currently in charge arrested, indicted for war crimes, and thrown in prison. I want the American people to face up to the fact their government is criminal and is responsible for many of the problems in the world. I want the American people to take responsibility for what their government has done in their names and with their money. I don't want Bush or Rumsfeld or the Strausscons sent to the gallows. I am strongly opposed to the death penalty. I do want them in prison, however, same as I want a serial rapist or murderer in prison, to protect the rest of us from their crimes.

Of course, this probably will not happen."

--Kurt Nimmo

14 ways of Looking at a Blackshirt. (via M*tafilt*r)

That human dignity should vanish from this world, humans living in traditional ways must gainsay all that is known of good husbandry, city humans must fight for any scrap of bliss and go furious against all, and a mob must laugh at anybody who asks if this is our natural and implicit and final functioning.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

"Some are being beaten
Some are being born
And some can't tell the
Difference anymore"



    "Mayfly Karnak"

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