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Fictional Bands. (via M*tafilt*r)

Sorrow of War.

"Venus Bewails Adonis

Nai. . .neemi neemi neemi non
O too julpaedo gran i algisaedo bon
O barat akakala panotok Adone
Eeli eeli argon desimalin.
Fen dorizi been? Fen doreeki ok
Koreekan kari kee, soith ogogë?
Kee O neemi kee otool sporaza!
Arlone, weelone, bowl
Kione adoossa neem
Kei neem radaza."


"When the drug-addled Goering was arrested in 1945, his fingernails were varnished red; on being strip-searched, it was discovered his toenails were painted, too." --Philip Hoar*, Oscar Wild*'s Last Stand (1997)

Quit ours for an artificial lingo.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sinnui Yauwan II. (Your basic romantic-martial arts-horror-musical.)

pariah as
full admonition
on with my finding of
& roil faction
this curiously individual
to gall paragon books
always pithy soon

A flick with "blog" in its tag. via robot wisdom)

"The mechanics of maybe might not work" --Rod McKu*n

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Gosp*l of Mary.

   "The Old Œdipus turns upon Creon at Colonus

Feeta kei baloodin barm!
Paradi noikot O spareeda boo
Filsing gera tort, O gera spudi frotë.
Soismë sengi poof, soismë norset poodi.
Rara thoise ti numbrak kon
Parada nisthi karm
Staloipi tiff ta poo, staloipi tiff bafoodi."


"The flight was successful."

On my victrola- Burl Iv*s Sings Down to th* S*a in Ships

Monday, May 29, 2006


scholar spurn lair
though an absconding word
so arid or if thought
this only amalgam
i gild
out dins my mind
and almost full which must
and than droll say

"in Rosicruciannight andtragic slag..."

On my victrola- D*s*rt Ros*s & Arabian Rhythms