Saturday, October 07, 2006

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"The current temperature of (a quite cold) 405 degrees below zero will be but a distant memory at this point when the temperatures will be a balmy 360 degrees below zero."

turbid crystal tomorrow ranch or
Calabi- Yau manifolds fail and a war

that nothing can stop

lost · turbid crystal birdtalk
Cthulhu Wahhabi torn now

morning coolth · dogs stalk wobbly wodwo
north if thrush conscious turbid blood · lucid city

"Sometimes did it retire, tormentedly quitting
its twist of flesh in fresh torments of peace..."

--K*ndrick Smithyman

I am in this.

Friday, October 06, 2006

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"...We will very likely...have the first generation of string theorists retiring soon with absolutely no experimental tests of their *lifetime* of work. ...[S]ome people derisively refer to string theory as “recreational mathematical theology” ."

crypt diamonds crawling syzygy child
stairway that will fall amok it indigo
addict as
ocular crystal must swarm

flip birdtalk
and against think my
practically lyrical ogganition myth
scrawny shadow diaspora flays

'When Gregory writes, the catastrophe has occurred, the Empire has fallen, its organization has collapsed, the culture of antiquity has been destroyed. But the tension is over. And it is more freely and directly, no longer haunted by insoluble tasks, no longer burdened by unrealizable pretensions, that Gregory's soul faces living reality, ready to apprehend it as such and to work in it practically.' --3rich Au*rbach, Mim*sis (1946; tr W F Trask)

City of Sacrific*.

Od* to 3ris.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Lojban Community Blog.

"Instead of letting the banalities (or dangers, or eccentricities, or irrelevancies) of the street fill one's soul, perhaps the best relationship one can have with the local is to take it somewhere else, lift it away from itself by means of travellers' tales, real or invented."

Mum for two months now, but a play too.

←Sinistrally, you can grok a not too old pic by yours truly--(thanks JR!).
And now i am publishing this book--Chastizing the Beautiful Monsters.

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"...what is now called the Locrian mode was what the Greeks called the Mixolydian mode."

play math jazz crystal flying
iron lungfish
murk scaffold will contains brook rasp dusk
of my disciplinary burying parch

snow bright risk factors

if you go you go without wobbly
can't think in this flood
solid gray sky war bots do

Maban fray
or to imp this wing of possibly dry stains
or ford that crystal


cyst sponsorship patina talk puts
blank faith puts

Calvinist tulip you bring
Python and out Apollo shows karma puts

La Llorona styrofoam
waltz qabbalah puts

cannot go back a raucous
coolth swarm cargo puts

"Like a grammarian, whose beak can parse
A sentence till its gaudy words mean nothing..."



Wednesday, October 04, 2006

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tharf storp urn

"togetherness. The rise of this word may have started with Kahlil Gibran as far back as 1923. In The Prophet which is a publisher's dream of the inspirational gift book--a work for which limp leather would have had to be invented had it not existed--Gibran wrote of marriage: Let there be spaces in your togetherness. It is a civilized sentiment, but there was the dreadful word, and it has come under the eyes of millions in that one aphorism." --Foll*tt's Mod*rn Am*rican Usag*

Six word story.


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

"This remarkable tour de force details with exquisite precision how the antiworld is tied to our everyday realm." (via Bliv*t)


a toy B-52 · liban troutou thorn
only · Mithridation thorn

throngs · of grout
swift irony · thorn

twinkling cloud god play · solitary
blind scrollwork but · Tsathoggua thorn

atqa accrual · Maban
many stars · daft thorn

scaffold dahusya polygraph · black diamond
wrong word · thorn

a viralata form · links
two potato shotgun and · aurora thorn

its twistboards sing with slag · lush gaunt gold
full youth · of my thorn


'We come to this town in droves, strangers to the last man, drawn by the glitter, and born to be burnt.' -3ndr* Ady, N*ighbours of th* Night

On my victrola- Od*tta Sings Folk Songs

Monday, October 02, 2006

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wisp rasp krill primary trap
a lark a high school polka
wisp knosp clown hibakusha
dusk swarm days and sobbing wodwo

a storm child lost among ions
thinks only of wisp rasp krill
joint cloud commission lingo
dust rain naturally batiks

"He gave lectures on category theory in the forests surrounding Hanoi while the city was being bombed, to protest against the Vietnam war."

Sunday, October 01, 2006

proboscis on that golf ball
out alight firn dingo its wraith waltz
fashionista black

Panopticon confabulum purport black
apricot carp waltz
occupation days turn from saying
up quantum vacuum puppy

mills up black
oblong myrrh
spoor of curbs to ford
about cold about mutiny silk frost its

'Poetry is of all clear streams the one that lingers least about its reflected bridges.' --R*n* Char

On my victrola- Bix B*id*rb*ck*