Thursday, October 05, 2006

(via rt66 dot com/~kalmoth/hpl.html)

"...what is now called the Locrian mode was what the Greeks called the Mixolydian mode."

play math jazz crystal flying
iron lungfish
murk scaffold will contains brook rasp dusk
of my disciplinary burying parch

snow bright risk factors

if you go you go without wobbly
can't think in this flood
solid gray sky war bots do

Maban fray
or to imp this wing of possibly dry stains
or ford that crystal


cyst sponsorship patina talk puts
blank faith puts

Calvinist tulip you bring
Python and out Apollo shows karma puts

La Llorona styrofoam
waltz qabbalah puts

cannot go back a raucous
coolth swarm cargo puts

"Like a grammarian, whose beak can parse
A sentence till its gaudy words mean nothing..."



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