Saturday, April 15, 2006

Squall of rival tiny-KISS bands.
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indigo · snazzy
idiot wisdom · again going
as angry jazz · Oz
azimuth sylvan silt · adorn with
moorish story · twist
sizzling isthmus · idolatry bolt
am magic · agon
magma wilt and · ignorantly bolt
rising · indigo

against raucous · ostrich march
indigo · ogganition
crash fylfot · ajar
sands izzard Uzi · gossip
azimuth jazz · Oz wisp smirk
lump staring · shards is

Grav*yard Po*try.

"Multilingual word play in US poetries is a formal device that is unusually loaded with politics right now."

Friday, April 14, 2006

Photos of Qom.

'She was sitting in the small reading room of the seminary, and around sounded the guttural whispering of the Sinologues, the compressed throaty cadences of the Arabists, and the faint lip intonations of the Egyptolgists, swallowing the consonants. It was said they had solved all the mysteries of the Nile except for the correct pronunciation of the word 'Osiris"." --Th* Girl from the Gold*n Horn

"morning fog
what the raven found

--Ann Schwad*r

   "Empty Stockings

smoke Christmas Eve,
crematorium ash
on the hearth the year the fat man

--D*borah P Kolodji

Found "hare 'um-scare 'um" as a word in P*r*grin* Pickl*. Didn't know it was so far back...

Thursday, April 13, 2006

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Th* Cru*l*st Journ*y.

Viking M*tal.

into unknown · ruin going
slowly i turn · fronds of targum
crash avion · mortling walk past
halcyon war · cardboard thick crunch
to boil ibrik · Sinatra morn

ibrik · abchalazal
crowns gibbous ikon · lamp abort
scoot shadow · walrus
flowing · targum
Uz walking · clasp acts
crisp polyps · twinkling

and Osama · again
silk abasing · abort polyps
ruinous · ascian
wisp · skillful sort
snag slalom · walrus
smas sports · sap ibrik

following · arc stump asp
across sordid doors · itch usurp
which fathoms · adorn
polyps · twinkling
swirl fathoms · slowly
crisp ruin · usurp

"...he had attached a collage of brown paper bags to a wall with the entire book sketched out in scribbles and symbols blocked in Chapters.  The parchments served as the only decoration in the room..."

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

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Making my Turkous java with Italian roast & molassy sugar. --Yum!

'But that we say that God brings fire upon the world, not like a cook, but like a God, who is the benefactor of them who stand in need of the discipline of fire....'

Scanning- Godzilla Vs King Ghidora

Alasdair Gray blog! (ditto)

dust my lungs with · viridian
burn calcspar with · viridian

hospital lamps · our ruinous
midnight sound with · viridian

horns honk slag falls · a harfang finds
orgasm with · viridian

and Grinchus too · at high Lammas
will mulch turn · with viridian

pain · wins
angry solipsists mag · slan doxology

for it to rain all day · mad yogurt
quitchgrass · and ryotwar

our slain landfall · marsh whining
march into sunlight · art landfill

pain · snug ogham
biking rusty · in a thorn bikini

"...the primary issue is not self-marketing within the context of poetry, but rather the difficulties of self-identification with the group in a political reality.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My bad. Salam Pax's nowadays digs. Nobody told Yours Truly...


"What colour is opera?" Also, "LotR from the vantage-point of Mordor"...

fatidic · blood ruin
gars a wight · brood irony
was it · for toxins
do our brook · run
wild · stirious fruit
in this hard · crook rawn

twinkling · finality
smirch · and adroit malign croon noir
Morisco · lurry
hashish · crown iron
so i roam · wanpath
scroll lorn · in brown rain

long musing · a louring
cardboard fogbound · slack brawn nary
plaid boots troll · catwalks
gatling · braid urn
look for a quick · hawk
spiral · drain runny

"On the irradiated soil of the simulated East, everything's coming up roses..."

"...the second and third runners-up also withdrew from the competition..." (via Juan Col*)

"I grow old . . . I grow old . . . I shall wear the bottoms of my sidebar blogrolled."

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"The war against nature, which began just a few hundred years ago with such confidence and enthusiasm, with such bravado, has been lost." --J*r*my Rifkin, Biosph*r* Politics (1991)

maroon flourish · saffron podcast
lunar align · stark highwayman
a body turns · and a song sinks
cool gray morning · stigmata swarm

"Surely you can’t copyright memories?"

   "Necessity of Ghayb

Stars nor sands comprise a googol,
only chance's gaggle
choice-penumbra teeming. Giggle
who can't goggle,
yet when Norns gargle
drains gurgle."

--Milton Burro, Charbroil*d G*ms & Cr*at*d Addictions (2000)

"So you have this heady cocktail of traditional music and tunes not getting much patronage in their native place, being copied on the other side of the border, attaining heights of popularity and sneaking back in as pirated videos and VCDs, and grabbed by a populace starved of good entertainment."

"...if men came in chocolate, many of the current relationship problems would be greatly alleviated, if not cleared up entirely.."

pyramid town · without pity
Godzilla town · without pity

cars shoving cars · in torshadow
human drouth town · without pity

On my victrola- Frank Sinatra: No On* Car*s

Monday, April 10, 2006

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   "Venus Rising

When the cloud known only
to you and your lover as
the scent of Venus
erupts in the morning shower,
the joyous mingling of the night before
is boldly reaffirmed,
and you melt at the recognition
of an unusual perfume's rekindled spirit;
soft and warm around the edges,
then dark and irresistably sweet
   near the heart,
an olfactory gift from invisible Ancients
hooked on essences
mined in midnight forests
when holding hands was no longer enough"

--Melanie Pruit, Delirium Fluid Needed (1996)

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Following that Idol Oughts bit, i thought to list my own...

   10 GOOD OUGHTS SONGS (--plus--)

White Strip*s- "Seven Nation Army" (2003)
Audioslav*- "Like a Stone" (2002)
K*lly Clarkson- "Behind These Hazel Eyes" (2004)
Björk- "Pagan Poetry" (2001); "Desired Constellation" (2004)
Sh*ryl Crow- "Soak Up the Sun" (2003)
Dir *n gr*y- "mazohyst of decadence" (2002)
Patti Smith- "The Boy Cried Wolf" (2000)
Linkin Park- "In the End" (2000)
3 Doors Down- "Kryptonite" (2000); "When I'm Gone" (2002)
Lor*tta Lynn- "Portland Oregon" (2004)
L*onard Coh*n- "A Thousand Kisses Deep" (2001)
Jason Mraz- "I'll Do Anything" (2002)

John Stevens- "This Love" (2005 variant)
Dolly Parton- "Stairway to Heaven" (2002 variant)
Qu**n Latifah- "California Dreamin'" (2004 variant)
Tori Amos- "Real Men" (2001 variant)
No Doubt- "It's My Life" (2004 variant)

And all Sigur Ros...

"We believe that JC was sent by the Stranger God into the Matrix to try to restore it to sanity, to heal the rend in the pattern, but the Reflective Sphere viewed him as a dangerous threat to the all encompassing power and control field and so tried to spit him out. But he escaped the destructive power of the Empire, freed him self from the black iron prison and holds an escape plan for those that come after."

"Was Barbara Bush's real father Aleister Crowley?."

African hats. (via Languag* Hat)

Sunday, April 09, 2006

   "Abraxas Laetrile

Pang unfelt as a pantomime
shrike-attack, cry now this
shadow so clear into prism,
and ring not as sialogogue
lest fathoms reduce to few.

I want cucullated retreat,
anarchy with honor, lynxly
somnambulism, fluttering
tangents to cure my angsts,
and, not least, I crave grace.

Gnomon of my days oh unveil
your plaintive sigil, with
utmost anonymity if I must
dwell among floes, but burn.

She almost knows me, husk of
revelation that I am; shine
through further and finer.
Ravaged is our peace by any
beautiful thing. It doesn't
hold more than one. How do we
dissever reversibly, Holy
Void, oh storm-beached kelp?"

--Vicki Cargocult, Th* Ibis of 3utaxy (1986)

Highway 80.