Saturday, June 11, 2005

Again again varying how i buy talk duration for my carry communicator. Nothing stays but usury.
    Nothing lasts but war.

"When is it time to start referring to Bush as an unpopular president? When his approval ratings are solidly below 50 percent for at least three months? Check. When his approval ratings on his signature issues are in the red? Check. When a clear majority of Americans say he is ignoring the public's concerns and instead has become distracted by issues that most people say they care little about? Check." (via *schaton)



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Walking with Cav*m*n.

Friday, June 10, 2005

    "To the Daemon

Tell me many tales, O benign maleficent daemon, but tell me none that I have ever heard or have even dreamt of otherwise than obscurely or infrequently. Nay, tell me not of anything that lies between the bourns of time or the limits of space: for I am a little wear of all recorded years and charted lands; and the isles that are westward of Cathay, and the sunset realms of Ind, are not remote enough to be made the abiding-place of my conceptions; and Atlantis is over-new for my thoughts to sojourn there, and Mu itself has gazed upon the sun in aeons that are too recent,
Tell me many tales, but let them be of things that are past the fore of legend and of which there are no myths in our world or any world adjoining. Tell me, if you will, of the years when the moon was young, with siren-rippled seas and mountains that were zoned with flowers from base to summit; tell me of the planets gray with eld, of the worlds whereon no mortal astronomer has ever looked, and whose mystic heavens and horizons have given pause to visionaries. Tell me of the vaster blossoms within whose cradling chalices a woman could sleep; of the seas of fire that beat on strands of ever-during ice; of perfumes that can give eternal slumber in a breath; of eyeless titans that dwell in Uranus, and beings that wander in the green light of the twin suns of azure and orange. Tell me tales of inconceivable fear and unimaginable love, in orbs whereto our sun is a nameless star, or unto which its rays have never reached."

--Clark Ashton Smith

    "Yet on we press,
Thoughtless of omens, blind with furious zeal,
And in the sacred citadel we lodge
The fatal monster."

--Cranch's Virgil

Did you m*an to s*arch for book?

Thursday, June 09, 2005

"The Promise

These make the last few embers of dinosaur sunlight.
This will be a legendary day: we were so free,
so bold, so murderous. Our mayfly-brief
glory will be unsurpassed & the talon
of our joy has marked the spot indelibly.

What is there more to say? We touched the stars
but our hearts were not touched. Our first resort
was annihilation. Waking now, we still won’t label
this fury of a pastime anything but innocence.

What wonder if our trinkets, that litter the earth,
when they work no more, become bleak plethora
of talismans? Holding them now, our karma upon us,
we still want to click on a window & do it over."

--Lor*tta Mod*m, Who Mov*d My Art of War? (n. d.)

Among th* Yanomami.

"And how long could the people of the world survive, walking through the ashes of their languages, having little clue now to their thoughts and feelings, not knowing how to bring new languages to birth?" --Jan*t Fram*, Th* Carpathians (1988)

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

"At least I know my tradition is among the contradictions" --Fanny How*

Th* K*nn*dy Corridos.

Fury and tarnation of a rainstorm last night, as if to wash us all away in a singular pfflungg.


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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

"It's weird to be watching news." (via R*b*cca Blood)

Formal Salt.

Kar*n Finl*y on Micha*l J. (via Robot Wisdom)

Books, blooks and putting it on Amazon. (via M*tafilt*r)

"If goals create content stealth creates form" --Fanny How*


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Monday, June 06, 2005

"Those lines are offensive to me on several different levels. In fact, the entire poem is offensive to me on so many levels it gives me a deep sensation of nauseated dizziness, like having eaten a bucket of French fries, sucked down a gigantic soda, and then getting on the Hell Hole ride at the carnival."


Of no found
A onward thy guiding hand
For bank hath of sun or
past, what I was, and what am now.
from my task of toil,
Daily, in common prison
from popular I
with day-spring born; to
draught. But I
Laborious works. Unwillingly this
I, a draw
This. day a hold
To dark a on;
From thoughts, that, a swarm
I am wont to sit, any

to body to mind
of blowing, and
This to find
But rush upon thronging, and
air, also, and damp,
To Dagon, -idol, and forbid"

--Okba Roog

Boiling Point.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

"We moved to be happy

Like a remote sensing tool each body
in the family
adapted to earth's urbanity and travelled

When the water went south for the winter

It carried us down like storm-driven gulls
to this crash that we call a city"

--Fanny How*

Mayan Vision Qu*st.