Saturday, July 30, 2005

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    "A Lay of Sickly Aims"

compulsion rooky
ominous spigot burl glint
assailing wind Hollyhock incog
group goal act

skillfullt hybrid torturing immortal
rift snarling box numb
is as apt
fill agaric roll story


obsidian abyss as · I adorn lithic catacombs
infirm parasol absorb · Byzantium ash asking walls
is lithic walls adagio · forlorn group snood click

Sun and sun and sun go dark. This building holds only my fantasy of an album.


Plaid Sly Jaguar I udjat · astray flaw hylic ajaja
paladin again bunch gaunt · fraying billow gulch adjoining
ajar raccoon stilb paladin · isolations still

"The aroused hurricane ere it enroughs
The earnest faces. What shall I unlock
It took so many patient months to snatch."

--G*ronimo G*ranium

"...Carlyle ( ) wrote to say that his wife had read Sordello with great interest, and wished to know whether Sordello was a man, or a city, or a book." -- G K Ch*st*rton, Browning (1903)

P*ncil R*volution. (via Blindh*it)

Friday, July 29, 2005

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valiant carbolic glitch · I talk snowy atrabilious
acronym Lakoffony · grinding aboulia book flop
pillars scald agglutinant sly · bildar attrition

I am not who you think.


luminous runaway ambit · I unusual portal
summon as gravy runway · ingrown payroll swords fasting by
sandcoil immortal obnubilation · midrash ptyx

"Ptyx" is what conjoins string to string of a song.


magic payback Yggdrasil · I scrap spiral path my abstract
gambit acrid Skipbo byblow · ago agog adios
markov rapacious ashram Bic · flick viral aspic

M*r*dith Brooks: "Candl*s in th* Rain." "Munich 15040" in: Th* Black Corridor (Moorcock).

Thursday, July 28, 2005


good memory, strong sir, implacable
cruel softness. I'm afraid.
This house makes me whole well, a whole
place for this not knowing where I am.

Let's not go inside. I'm leery of this please
come back in a few minutes, over raised bridges.
I'm not approaching, sweet lord,
courageous keepsake, sad
skeleton singer.

What content, that of this spellbound building
that offers me quicksilver deaths
and plugs my drains with lead
to the dry time-being.

Stream that doesn't taste of how we're doing,
fill me with dread, with fear.
Glorious memory, I won't go near you.
Sad, blonde skeleton --hiss, hiss.'

--Trilc* tr David Smith (1973)

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'Hatred always turns to the past and always depends upon the past. A man who is gripped by the emotion of hatred cannot be concerned with the future, with a new life; only love turns a man towards the future, frees him from the shackles of the past, and is a means of creating a new and better life.' --Nicolas B*rdya*v, Th* Origin of Russian Communism (tr R M Fr*nch, 1937)


andiron infancy adding · I frisk cobalt incognito
Xibalba onions of walking · insult icily by ranch
idyll idiocy wilt snail · agomphious wind

"Agomphious" is without a tooth.


carious parasol grinch · I follow fully issuant
apparatchik parch grail jazz · assuaging worn glimflash aglint
grinch cronk winch insinuating octal
· shaft sink afraid ask not glimflash aglint cronk winch
insinuating octal shaft · sink afraid gold glow

Viridian is anti midrash.


talion backwards flung I · Fomalhaut undulating absurd
sandbags scraggy skidway · twilight catacombs brillig ad
assuaging sfumato glum pulp · unknown Ogpu pill

"Cronk" is a chronic honk.

D*mons. (via M*tafilt*r)

Konacki's plan*t.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

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Civil War II.


unliving angstrom flimflam · I avail ritual snarling
aground payroll ink agnition ·Tsathoggua starry frisk
bomb impult offputting black silk · impact if sly fail

"Impult" is a night vision about going shopping.


faring badly frail I ink · agonistic obyism
parch odd glamour hylic off · crisp rapacious silicon cloud
filch big undulating skink carbs · against forgiving

"Hylic" is a non-Gnostic.


logical form again I · scour sandstorm blindfold affair rook
crystal immortal wall ogling · gallon gibbons inconstant lift
as accruals roar gulf grail as · vaporous andiron andiron

Ludwig fighting on that front, hoping to find a particular gift.

    "Darth Shrub"

Hollyhock fishhook and soap · lost in a swamp of this word
adding andiron infancy · my singing snaps a diamond

of indigo crystal night · vision about going coil
if you want to go as far · incognito cobalt wolf

by icily Xibalba · city among frothing slag
with idiocy idyll · duration of my sand will

snaps a diamond Hollyhock · warily I follow you
rim dark flying dark acid · icily singing cargo

andiron indigo raucous · cobalt of into charcoal
lurch night immortal sandstorm · gallops accruals scarab

cryptic profound from grip iron · to frisking did lungfish turn
to frisking did wodwo wind · with a blood acid rainbow

snowman away vacuum glow · briskly away vacuum sound
you abut my spiral wall · iguana rhost my slow myrrh

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

"One concept essential to an understanding of ko-uta is that of iroke. One of those frustratingly untranslatable terms, iroke is written with two characters, ( )( ), one meaning 'color' (iro), the other 'feeling,' (ke or ki). Iro in this case most closely approximates the meaning of 'eroticism'--but in a milder sense than the English word conveys. Ke means something along the lines of 'character' or 'spirit.'
   ...Iroke is sensuality; it is evoked by images which appeal to the senses. It denotes attraction felt between the sexes in the passing of a glance or the swish of a trailing kimono. The essence of iroke is understatement. The minute it becomes obvious it ceases to be iroke. It is a subtle atmosphere created by the contact of two people. It cannot exist in the abstract, and it is not as blatant as 'sex appeal.' It implies intimacy in that it becomes lost in an impersonal situation.
   Some examples of iroke are: the tiny glimpse of red which lines the geisha's formal black kimono, seen against the white of the powdered nape of her neck; the sidelong glance, exchanged without a word, between a man and woman; playing the shamisen with the fingernail instead of the large ivory plectrum; the four-and-a-half-mat tatami room (yoyohan) which is just big enough for two people and a small table; the kotatsu, or quilt-covered table under which feet may be talking while faces above show no sign; one strand of hair loose in an otherwise perfect coiffure."

--Liza Dalby, Littl* Songs of th* G*isha (2000)

For a poetics of iroke (my red). A chapbook is intimacy, a singular strand dangling... Play it with your nails and not a pick.

3conomic Hit Man.

Global Warming Witch Hunt.

"...Duncan & Spicer behaved more like Godzilla & Mothra."

Khalid is out.

Monday, July 25, 2005

"Many contemplative poems--and I'm not just talking "I thought hard for us all," I'm talking much of what you find in your favorite post-post modern journals--don't feel as though they needed to be written."


   "how to explain death to children

because the fearful dog wandered the fields all day and hadn’t been
and due to the fearful dog biting the owner who tried to catch him
the owner asked the neighbor to shoot the dog

the neighbor agreed but brought up the possibility of evidence
blood and brains all over the side of the house
still he consented but instead he borrowed a cage from the humane

for days the owner starved the dog to lure him into taking the bait
and because the humane society put down the biting unneutered
fearful dog
the dog ended up dead

how to tell the children
who thought the dog was being sent away to find a newer and better
(what home could be better?) (wouldn’t he miss them badly?)

they asked their parents whether someone might have already
adopted their dog
and wouldn’t the dog be even more afraid in a new house with new
and if no one had chosen the dog yet could they have him back

when the parents asked the neighbor to tell the children the dog died
the neighbor agreed to go to the humane society to try and adopt the
but he found no dog that answered and told the children that"

--Carol P*t*rs

Puzzling link. Oh.

Sunday, July 24, 2005


snail undulating railgun · I flick ruinous an idiot
lurch planlingvoj waspish · stuffy Xibalba snarl ogparn
cronk vanilla viscous sluzhba · agnostic runway

"Xibalba" is Maya Dis. "Ogparn" is an album you can only play parts of.


squid squib curb I adlib ts'ib · sqiggly ruby links absolving
acting out crumbly obligation · birdtalk parch udalman
glowworm rigorous abolish storm · psalm kirsch obuncous

"Ts’ib" is Maya word-plus-icon art.


grail trial Fallujah I claw · stumbling groundlings dilatory
Mars Ultor offhand darkling · flood alarm ruinous ajar
barking chimp with scary blog wasp · twang is starkly gull

"Mars Ultor" is god of payback.


uffish offal offhand I · asking churchical wodwo oft
if payback gluts cobalt of · affirm warp flap forlorn uffish
affliction thorn walking anonymity · adorns nights

Attrition is painful, but a must if you want to go as far as you can.

Latin blogs. (via Languag* Hat)

"...apologising to everyone in Japan."

"...A trial clan, bearing the name “Infernokrusher”, has been created on the Kingdom of Loathing as a beach-head..."

"...a shrinking pool of carnivorous tadpoles..."

"...I will be those thoughts I think you might have thought..."