Saturday, May 13, 2006

"The spider is more of a believer/ than either of you." (via Ivy Is H*r*)

Anschluss plastic · gar my phiz
fit for a gingko · flu glitch
and it is murky · karma
winning losing · cult cargo

so mostly do · phobia
knows its way · of all things Mars
its vocabulary · world
for a tart month · magnolia

martyr by blindfold · scrytchwalk
Anschluss · plastic oodoolay

"Some of my friends' kids may never fly in airplanes. They may never own cars."

On my victrola- M*ssia*n: Chronochromi*

Slumification. Part 2.

Political food art.

Friday, May 12, 2006

(via trav*l-pictur*s-gall*ry dot com)

"The rose that blooms in Paradise
Burns with an ecstasy too sweet
For mortal eyes
But sometimes down the jasper walls
A petal falls
Toward earth and night
To lose it is to lose delight beyond compare
To have it is to have despair"

--3lla Young (via Ru* Hazard)

Haibun from an old mountain man. (via wood_s lot)

Groovyhood. (via M*tafilt*r)

"When Klingons leave the Star Trek con they get to take off their crazy bumpy foreheads & live their lives. Suck on that you poem dweebs!!"

Thursday, May 11, 2006

"Does a hard science fiction story become unreadable once the science is invalidated?"

"I hear oxygen pants are coming back."

Dakota Wiki. (via Pl*p)

I swat at a gnat. And now it starts to zip along wow! I miss, as i must.
   May you know humilty, if not from this giddy bard...

RT Obit.

pallid warriors sloop flip · pillbug adorn
twinkling caulk · crisp frop
pillbug · borg

crystal psalm · isthmus flapping

sorrow forward · spools of cloud pillbug
spawn approach pillow clasp blast · abort
pullout · against pallid ads
sordid crawdads · ink

storying swift pillbug · indigo skin slag

pillbug · ink
agonist · acorn
war · bunkum
glowing skin · across crisp silk
tsunami spoils · off briskly dollop

sport apart · pillbug clasp blast absolutist
lull agony obtain · forlorn
crackup again scaly frolic · cyst is staunch
ballot slag spoon ostrich · fallow clout
smog · pillbug
as storm chaos · am
mulch · Tsargrad
afflict glad gallop sprawl · spiral wisp
instinct against Oswald · doldrums prog crawl room

"I dallied with olives." --Baron Corvo, Stori*s Toto Told M* (1969)

"...(not to be confused with the large and scary old bus station of the same name)..."

On my victrola- St*r*o Total

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Th* N*w Gr*at Gam*.


"Must learn to dance our diseases."

"its smells, its mill. Victims
that had been Heavenly Blue
· tubularlord · Iliad
sideways and slips
while silence than today nine are all
looked up to see sparkling
kills the world, power. told
a tune at twilight.

[lines in italics by Robert Trammell, 1939-2006]"

--Camill* M**sh

(via worldroom dot com)

     "To Whom it May Concern (after Adrian Mitchell)

            You put your bombers in, you put your conscience out,
            You take the human being and you twist it all about
        Hey, how do you like my GM SUV?
        No, I make my payments: it belongs to ME
                  So encase my feet in Nikes
                  And feed me lies about
                  The working class
        I look to the mirror and what do I see?
        An aging stranger who can’t possibly be me
                  So blight my face with Botox
                  And feed me lies about
                  The working class

        They never taught me anything at school
        I’m grown up now and I ain’t nobody’s fool
                  So tatoo my skin with another’s totem
                  And feed me lies about
                  The working class
        I put my earplugs in, I put my good eye out
        I go to AWP and I fake it all about
                  So buy into my book of poems
                  And feed me lies about
                  The working class
        They taught me much too much at school
        I’m wiser now and way too cool
                  So parry my eyes with pop-cult
                  And feed me lies about
                  The working class
        I keep my game face on, I keep my kind heart out
        I go to conferences and get cozy with the crowd
                  Who prison my tongue in poetry
                  And feed me lies about
                  The working class
        Encase my feet in Nikes
        Blight my face with Botox
        Tatoo my skin with another’s totem
        Buy into my book of poems
        Parry my eyes with pop-cult
        Prison my tongue in poetry
        And feed me lies about
        The working class"

--Chris Dani*ls

"Being situated at the head of a desert peninsula jutting into the sea, the city [Baku] is in fact one of the windiest places on earth--one dapper ninety-seven-year-old man told me how, as a young man, he and his family had worn specially made goggles with their evening clothes to stroll along the boulevards without being blinded by the sands." --Tom R*iss, Th* Ori*ntalist (2005)

On my victrola- Omar Faruk T*kbil*k

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A way long two-way alpha song.

"...Crabbing at night with a flashlight on low tide..."

Pl*iadian Tantric Workbook.

"...Bill Clinton’s FIRST act in office was to double the Border Patrol [,] and Bush’s first was to fiercely cut it!"

"Search XIX.

If not at Pesach, then at Yom Kippur, to raise a cup, next year in
And set off again on Hajj neverending,
Never finding the Compostela road,
As the Tibetans measure their length and thrust their pebble
As Indian fakirs roll on the earth,
As the ghosts of legionaries march their scalpel straight roads across
Those wearied on the Canterbury road, blood on the feet,
Those hammering at mountain-guarded Trier,
Those to Chartres in Marchtime, never doing last visible stretch in
     bare feet, peregrinationes on the Via Francigena,
Children of Jacob, Children of Anu, Children of the Prophet,
I search the people, all in their caravanserai. "

--Min*rva Victrix

"In the courtyard, the gallows were next to a child's swing." --Th* 3nds of th* 3arth

Karakoram Highway.

Monday, May 08, 2006

So long.

Dust blowing and a gray sky · gaptooth windows
mad cow nation · sign
food · riots

driving through towns · without curbs

a bomb is a small thing · warily
labyrinth · funny sounds from hood dark
windows all vacant · Happy
Thor · coruscating

narrow spiralling thoughts · high fronds waving harsh

no path · marsh
walking · taciturn
slow · rising
sing a sad song · pick up cans
shun · carnivorous light furl world lids

driving through ruinous hugs · polyps qibla
long i was torn · crystal pools
high fronds waving · no clockwork maps or hollow
ring of tin roof rain · follow a sign
at all · known
gray sky · sonorous
flying · glass
grasp what isn't · sorrow works with slant
windows gaptooth sky gray a · and blowing dust

Today's rishis.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

   "Nature Cure

Tell it again in stronger tones
And make your meaning plain:
White cliff, that stabs the water's side
Without the crease of pain.

You gallant maple, teasing birch,
And ruffled, stately pine,
There is a sturdy sap in you--
Share it, let it be mine.

Resistless grass, to every wind
And every scuffling tread,
You yield and bend a patient back.
So let me bow my head.

And you, dear lake, whose candid gaze
Resists my importunate soul,
You hide a secret in your depths--
Deliver it to me whole.

Invite me in and let me work
In that great pattern, planned
In beauty I must kneel before
But cannot understand."

--J*an Starr Unt*rm*y*r, in: A Misc*llany...

On my victrola- Spooky Tooth