Saturday, July 09, 2005

Cool points for a vintag* V*spa in Th* Int*rpr*t*r.


carious paralysis · grisly I sound humpback asphault
sparring laptop cranch rancid · Olofi by tsar bingo ash
agrammatists frolic in ash · Olofi clockwork

As-if simulacra--but naturally, cannot.


parity handiwork gray · I study dying shag carport
indignant idols wintry · twinkling Botvinnik crowbar skull
ogdoastich fraying candy · dying pillbox ash

Sith think that our living is postmortal to a truly vital duration.


furious bunkum grisly · I sorrowing wusp Asgard 'sblood
nugatory incoming · skillful cull am Ygg Dracula
Viagra aslant clockwork my · links is mouth crisp frail

Voyaging cold world, our plan for you is a swift hit with an iron box.


Darfur bawdy drastic oft · ruin frail about rain twinkling
addiction hyacinth odorous · arroyo haul astray
atavist pity ickypoo · ronin offal storp

Churchical, shadowy and slow.

Friday, July 08, 2005

(via Plan*tary dot org)

An Ilocano T*rzan*ll*. (Its script.)

"in my blacks

my black coat flaunts its stains
as variations on a dark motif. I
am clad in shifting shadow;
skyclad of black,
I match clouds of waiting rain -

my coat of many inks, no unity
in its thick wool folds,
within I am dirty -no downfall
will banish my guilt, or filth -
my mask is tight black, criminal;

but, at black's most distant rim,
( colour hums a null and void)
I find my mark, with mid-air wings;
I will not join its frail flight
though; rapt, I am, in my blacks,
of coat, mask, soul, air"


Crafting Manif*sto.

Thursday, July 07, 2005



Nazi walking azimuth · I twinkling maintain aloof skim
viral angry agoutis · harp Uzi dickalog ammo
rub it phthalo viridian · its own fight only

A dramatic cooling, cloudy and windy from nothing.


pharming chaos lank crystal · Amharic I ingot aghast
accrual this vanilla · pomp is Pluto candy incog
akam icily cruzada · lying rsta stains

Pomp is big in Sith art. "Cruzada" is a tax for christian wars.


duping mutually sphinx I · snug ogham amass tubular
stars Mulholland walking cloud · alluvial pygarg Tsathoggua
sporangium shopping risk · antic ixodid

Politics as a gaming cult.

"...a decision was made to let Puck and Pedro fight over the future identity of The Real World. Puck represented the idea of a show where everyone was openly fake and we all knew it was a sham [akam]; Pedro represented the aesthetic of a show where what we saw was mostly fake but we would agree to watch it as if it was totally real [puram]. It was almost a social contract." --Chuck Klost*rman, S*x, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs (2004)

Chart No. 2.

"For the past half century the process of artmaking has been part of its subject, and this making becomes a symbolic act that attempts to substitute for the silence of all the other objects." (via wood_s lot)

Ms. P. honors yours truly by quotation.

My significant Half (M. Pruit) talks about Am*rican Idol finalist John St*v*ns's CD at this location ("Snazzy N*w R*d").

Wednesday, July 06, 2005



Africa of gray I scry · waspish loudly oft Ogpu brumous
farb ryotwar siblings · ashtray scoop dray my twinkling barf
is option Biblical as what · cloud voyaging gulp

I build for nothing, as birds with lost offspring do.


garish rapacious Crathco · I is shorn from Baathists sport rank
scowl link to bulbous ascot · ichor argot cargo itch chirr
scrips so high diaspora us · Ishtar who hodag

What is this day but a charm against tomorrow?


Nabisco nabi abnormal · I aspic scour hohotan
anchor laptop obi wins · rants abscissa insult cobra
grisly ambush lank plink pillbug · walking as apart

”Hohotan” is Mangani (Tarzan lingo) for ‘clan’.


vilify gills flinch I off · pylon agrimony lift flood
plain as of glass birthday ink · scurvy shards final morth if oft
aporia hyacinth sly · born in warm igloo

Unusual bards.

Throps and squallhoots.

Story songs.

Sandpap*r painting.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

"After the long rain the young people saw that the earth was cleaned, pure and beautiful and ran to Okó, in order to thank him because he ended immortality."

Moon dooms. Plus.

Starbuck singular.

Po*try in nov*ls.

"...two new volumes of Finnish palindrome poems..." Plus.



indigo input oddly · I ignivomous policy
pistols into optical · tubular its Motown odium
idly flatiron gynarch pint · with agony and

Shall a man run away from all that is known by him and grown by him, just for avoiding support of a bad administration that will finally fall anyway of its own stupidity How far must this fiasco go until it launch him on his way?


oblivion obtain all · coachman and forlorn about
stinky tamagotchi bills · and gaslight Olofi glory
vicarious acrostic rock · maskful scop whammy

All of it will vanish.


minimal virtual snag · I am yapping slab avoidy
kit grisly Atkins gulag · watch globalization as snort
vatic aging pillbug sand imps · dying hard aptly

this part of a road shut down, and that part. Always as you go. Cicada days.


warily garish friction · I slog by ugly cars crag kith
usually short of griot · big accomplish stun riot mops
only rink as sly soon ago · abuts fylfot fun

Sadly shorn of common illusions, not a part of this gigantic toy, but.

Robo Maid 1.

Robo Maid 2.


Mongolian Joy.

Monday, July 04, 2005


individual indoors · idolatry I avow nights
adult mulligatawny · rapacious claypit nights incog
adtopics polyps popular · rush assist disarm


Latin cardboard Cthulhu I · on scalding raghdirst griot odd
abolish for carbombing · or adjust accruals’ story
this Rushdoony blackouts who hurling · bird dog only

”Raghdirst”: thirst for r*v*ng* (Pal* Fir*).


uncivil anvil scratch · I ivory will slay balk ingot
ovoid wilt flaw as actually · growing rapacious stilb school
Ghaybzag lithium nights avoiding · sobbing protocol

”Ghayb” = the invisibl*.


thrip uhuru tragic I · spiritual hunt ghastly hustling
trial sunlight story crow park · against lithic scabrous wish is
spark niding drywall hilch stir bulk · Pazuzu blindfold

Th* d*finitiv* list.


Sunday, July 03, 2005

”Snow be in this time with us as music
River frozen and twigs done
Lists of birds are etched into the birches:
white notes on a yellow scroll

A cross of light on the ceiling or wall
tell’s the room’s a cell
Contemplation of white lines crossing

coos behind the wainscotting, if this is the end

it brings no surprise”

--Fanny How*

Silicon paintings. (via Robot Wisdom)

"I am currently writing an essay on citational or "found" poetry and the poetry of constraints..."

Nominations blog. (via M*tafilt*r)


In smog and thund*r.