Saturday, December 16, 2006

Noisy K*yboard. (via Und*r th* Fir* Star)

"An earnest Zargian Ph.D. student will expound in his thesis the theory that the land was so inhospitable, only chess pieces could live there." Plus: cam*l art!

Not walking through autumnal woods. Not absorbing sounds, odors, forms. thing that i would do again, soon. I roll toward all my tasks, not walking through autumnal woods.

   "Silly String"

dark nor chaos chars which any
book by book building a warm lair
dark and two spans' frith
smoky habitat
thwarts argot
firn glow lug

"I felt like he added the news on bombings in his area just so people would keep reading--even though he really wanted to talk about science and philosophy."

strip you of knowing of lilac sky
carving by swift lamplight anagram
to walk upright amidst pyramid
cataclysms and damp gray star drouth

Friday, December 15, 2006

Hot*l Carcosa, Kuala Lampur (via playguid*tour dot co dot jp)

   "Rocky Balboa"

caitiff brumous anything flubs
jackals kiss in moot about glut;
tinklings nayward only holy pillbug
roast, lulling words' zonda:

quandary distant (so ulnar
xyloid) vast your folds abolish.

Part of my mind holds that school's form. Visiting it again, haunts with old moods. Though i don't now wish to attain such goals, that prior longing stains my spiral still.

shark nativity vaunt chars
lung frost chars

my arrack wind my Turk robin's road
curt nirvana chars

go carolling with wispy Ogpu at dusk
twilight kingdoms Grinch paradox chars

"...the technique of re-appropriation can be used in a way different from the cool and sterile distance of postmodern bracketing as it was done by Andy Warhol." --And i luv this.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

(via *sp-books dot com slash shopslash imag*s)

"Why the Creation Cycles do not end December 21, 2012, but October 28, 2011."

   "Harsh Loofah"

will flagging gulf
attain chaos
with blood logic

and giddy night
call it coral
say raucous sign

for a digit
of indigo
scuttling ingot

and djinn music
fraught stark skull pyx
scaffold of glass

Scaffold as if a trial prior, and forms of law. Glass as always in sight, glinting uncommonly, mostly not.

"It is the first time I’ve seen anyone from the U.S. government focus on Iraqis and what they have experienced and what they are suffering."

"While there is perhaps a province in which the photograph can tell us nothing more than what we see with our own eyes, there is another in which it proves to us how little our eyes permit us to see." --Doroth*a Lang* (via Utata

"And maybe that ethnicity, while having a good deal to do with the culture revealed in much British and American writing and the legends that went before, also might be involved with particular new-world experiences that are ongoing not only for people who have come lately, but people like me whose ancestors have been here for centuries but who are – right now - coming to terms with a post-modern world and feeling themselves being changed by it."

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

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Dancing on a sloping hill. Fall. Fall. Don't stop dancing.


fur stairway winding

ogham my indigo god spiral
why diaspora country dilatory

afghan furbish crawl road stir

cardboard mimics orchid twinkling nor
typical swamp wisp

Cardboard: what vagrants carry, as cars go past.

Road to 1984. (via wood_s lot)

"What "aesthetic experience" requires isn't so much suspension of disbelief as suspension of knowledge."

I should do a book with this tag: Th* Th*ory and Practic* of Oligarchical Coll*ctivism.

"It's very nice to re-read this on a midsummer's night, under the light of Jupiter."

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

(via fantasticfiction dot co dot uk)

Talk to this lost soul without using your god-word. Show him why you kill, told not to. Show him your I-can-do-it pass, your god-sign fucking blood warrant.

Fat Whit* Vampir* Blu*s.

   "Rat Pack Christmas"

casting through murky Xanadu
murrainwind · final shadows · pyx
wall fix smooth Samhain find chair
down girasol rasorial
wombat atrophy; gold Saturn
trophy bruff Cthulhu coil

wain trim, or cargo ransom
a slag long

I saw a bruff not long ago, moon-rainbow, its chill profound. My cargo cult of singular waiting. Slag into which tors fall. Trim your arbor scaffold, and carol.

Monday, December 11, 2006


A job that pays a million dollar salary. Is it that you must do so much stuff, & so skillfully? --Past, say, my own stark limits. --No, it pays you for not living in my world, that's all.
   Godzilla nog, Godzilla foot. How far from foot to nog. Is that how our scuzzy pundits limn all human glory? By a span of unfair taking. By a too much that is still taking and taking.

   "Walk Through To-morrow"

mutiny star
      form fill-ins char
spools right as rain
      dry starfish pain
slag romantic
      down want arctic
iron sun insight
      crispy moonlight
blindfold crystal
      random pistol
dark stomp lurch blood
      trustworthy flood
raps clack calcspar
      mutiny star

Sunday, December 10, 2006

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A fight against not saying. Which has its oomph & logic. I form small quick tasks, as if to trick my watchful drought. But i don't know that this isn't also a part of its plan: omission by trivial proxy. Sand grains fall, singularly. Not will. Not will at all.

   "Ajtz'ib' "

vacant rituals
customary anguish which
black winds sculpt
through war days carry a sugar pill
saying i am crystal saying i am crow

Ya dig? (via Anggarrgoon)

"I ask you, what would you do
if you had two tongues in your mouth,
and lost the first one, the mother tongue,
and could not really know the other