Saturday, January 21, 2006

(via univers*today dot com)

In my t*rror, I honor you.

"Royal Survivor"

could individual din
which a book fills
or our tantamount banality

i know too only
am of sound
though this faction will rat

taut daylair
& trod by who sing always
with wry usurp gild

that is
it ask so admonitionly

how of any no form say
andous in full & upon scholar

crass has curious
but almost
a spurning solution

Friday, January 20, 2006

Mawcasuns. (via Robot Wisdom)


   "Singing Ghost" (song in iron attractor words)

paragon of pariah thought
through with & no solution
must a who find
to lair him

though crass as too
say i is this by abscondity
scholar almost in it
and wry

if to mind faction spurning or gild
arid am only that a book of
which knowing usurps
will anyhow valid do

you torpid admonition
a word with you is up
and i was so soon always
full & droll in my ask cunning

Thursday, January 19, 2006

   "243 skitoma"


Wham-O childhood
to Vict'ry Koolaid
not a road i want

thinking on it
than root canal
than final dust

prior to dawn glow
all i story with

portal to a world
past this black kingdom

for a crowd of skulls

pallid mask
you will not look back on


Stalingrad wolf days
a dark coming back of gods
a total blank in front
and artists' whist

can't hold on to this
vision for long
for i still
am so much of plastic

that occasion i would cast my words
brick by brick into sand of tomorrow

what a child i was


Tuscan shards and
probably had

music too