Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hijacking of J*sus.


viridianizing · of Antarctica
iron sun // up if tantamount
which my sight is lost. Today
· tubularlord · Iliad
Ubar fulcrum · slag obolus
Ruinous diaspora; our padishah
waiting to turn furnish
for rim mutiny

Friday, July 21, 2006

Throat raw from traffic air.

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   "Bivouacs in the Disputed Territory

Purple neck
of a pigeon nesting.
Black spot
where a snake of fire uncoiled.

I bring you these borrowed words
through a silence
of blameless thorns."

--Og-Mora, op cit


Thursday, July 20, 2006

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Do cicadas know what's up?

Lord Dunsany.

killing · civilians
man awry but
no pithy book soon
banal individuality knows
you will follow if it galls
to do that through a word din
I is opinion
with only limpid roil this
must ask
of almost and pariah thought
you would always fill

St Louis Bricks Blog.

3l*ctronic L*banon. (via Nomadics)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

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The strange young man who comes to me
A soldier on a three day spree
He needs one night's cheap ecstasy
And a woman's arms to hide him.

He greets me with a courtly bow
And hides his pain by acting proud
He drinks too much and he laughs too loud
How can I deny him?

Let us dance beneath the moon
I'll sing to you Claire de Lune
The morning always comes too soon
But tonight the war is over.

He speaks to me in schoolboy French
Of a soldier's life inside a trench
Of the look of death and the ghastly stench
I do my best to please him.

He puts two roses in a vase
Two roses sadly out of place
Like the gallant smile on his haggard face
Playfully I tease him.

Hold me neath the Paris skies
Let's not talk of how or why
Tomorrow's soon enough to die
But tonight the war is over.

We make love too hard, too fast
He falls asleep his face a mask
He wakes with the shakes and he drinks from his flask
I put my arms around him.

They die in the trenches and they die in the air
In Belguim and France the dead are everywhere
They die so fast there's no time to prepare
A decent grave to surround them.

Old world glory, old world fame
The old world's gone, gone up in flames
Nothing will ever be the same
And nothing lasts forever.

Oh, I'd pray for him but I've forgotten how
And there's nothing nothing that can save him now
There's always another with the same funny bow
And who am I to deny them.

Lux aeterna Luce-at e-is domine cum
Sanctic tu-is in aeternum
Qui-a pius es requiem aeternaum
Dona e-is Domine.

Qui-a pius es requiem aeternaum
Dona e-is Domine
Qui-a pius es et lux perpetua luce-at- e-is Cum
Sancris tu-is in
Aeternum qui-api-us es
Tonight the war is over..."

--David Oln*y, from W*st*rn Wall by Linda Ronstadt & 3mmylou Harris

Popcorn Palac*s.

Up too soon always, a mantra.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

"...there is a politics of texture, colour and shape..."

"The Iraqi government has issued more than 2 million passports in the past 10 months."

" out of seven children in California’s Central Valley each carry an inhaler to school every day."

"So Georges Sand’s stemware is part of the domestic vocabulary of French kitsch. Can we even begin to imagine the same with Emily Dickinson? Would her thimble arrive as the prize in a cereal box? Collect the set?"

"Sitwell's nerve holds between rhymes to say what she means - just as her nerve held when, reciting the poem in London, a doodlebug was heard overhead." (via Po*try Hut)

"...the prehistoric painters of reindeer, mammoth and bison in the Font de Gaume and Lascaux caves believed that the animals they were painting were also already there in the rock. All they had to do was identify their presence." (LangPo, huh?)


   "Dear friend,

I hope this finds you well.

I am writing to you today, to inform you about serious charges the
Government of Jordan has accused me of, which might lead to imprisonment.
The accusation is based on verses in some poems I wrote 22 years ago.
These accusations vary from "offending the Jordanian State and the armed
forces, raising internal conflicts and unrest, and presenting distorted
information on the events of September 1970 to the new generations".
As you can see, these accusations are groundless. It is a clear case of
violating the basic human rights, specifically the freedom of expression.
The Jordanian Writer Association has condemned this action and called
upon the Government of Jordan to stop this violation and to immediately drop
the charges against me. Many Jordanian and Arab associations and human
rights organizations have voiced concern and joined the campaign protesting
against this action. Nevertheless, the Government still insists on its
accusations and the charges are now submitted to the Court of Law. If
condemned I'll be facing a prison sentence from 6 to 36 months.
For this, and because I know that you personally would not accept such
violation, I call on you to join the solidarity campaign initiated by
The Jordanian Writer Association, and write to the Jordanian government in
protest against this action. I will appreciate it if you can circulate
this call among friends, media and associations in your country and
worldwide. The addresses of the concerned Government organizations to write to are
the following:

Warmest Wishes,

Ibrahim Nasrallah" (via Po*ts Against th* War N*wsl*tt*r)

"And when the end justifies the means, there are always a thousand untold consequences. We are beginning to glimpse them now."

Good work by my Significant Half.

Sauna air though only mid-morning. How high will it go today? Nuts to go on as if nothing's wrong. Our boiling bath of slow cook droll amphibian calm: History.

"But grass is growing in Antarctica now?"

1. e4 e5
2. Nf3 f5
3. Bc4 fxe4
4. Nxe5 Qg5
5. Nf7 Qxg2
6. Rf1 d5
7. Bxd5 Nf6
8. Nxh8 Bg4
9. f3 Bxf3
10. Rxf3 exf3
11. Qxf3 Qg1+
12. Ke2 Qxh2+
13. Kd3 Nbd7
14. Qe3+? Ne5+
15. Kd4 c5+
16. Quits.

It's this. Darfur has no oil
nor light; Darfur has no oil.

All our words of global cop
abort: Darfur has no oil.

Toss a bawling kid to that
wolf. Darfur has no oil.

Charity dons a mask of
black iron: Darfur has no oil.

Go buy uppity armbands
Hobbit, Darfur has no oil.

Dark Sid* of th* Rainbow.

Monday, July 17, 2006

"Probably too often the savage hazards a guess at heaven."

wing fiction · indigo Ygg
of wispy · scansion

story · miss
pools and rills on · idolatry silk

agony following my ogham · igloo
soft afghan · swift bilk

"A picture must be painted in such a way that the viewer can understand its meaning. If the people who see a picture cannot grasp its meaning, no matter what a talented artist may have painted it, they cannot say it is a good picture." (via ALDaily)

'I have spent ten years
Building a grass hut;
Now winds occupy half,
The moon fills the rest.
Alas, I cannot let you come in,
But I shall receive you outside.'

--Song Sun, op cit

Sunday, July 16, 2006

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Falling on my knees,
Pressing my hands together,
Thousand-Eyed Merciful Goddess,
I implore thee.

Yield me,
Who lacks,
One among your thousand eyes,
By your mystery restore me whole.

If you grant me one of your many eyes,
O the bounty, then, of your charity.'

--Hûimyông, in: Anthology of Kor*an Lit*ratur* From 3arly Tim*s to th* Nin*t**nth C*ntury, ed. P*t*r H. L** (1981)

"Only people immersed in typographic literacy, only people who have internalized the notion of language-as-thing, identity-as-discrete-object, would fall victim to the echo chamber and circular logical fallacies inherent in the Authorship Question."

krunk grisly · gullway
an · ikon

igniting frost limps · ask blog byssus
agaric bullion flows · flick twinkling calcspar

fylfot bask · inch wisdom skids
fossil · into disk

"I am wearied almost to death with the retrograde motions of things." --G*org* Washington (1776)