Saturday, March 18, 2006

   "Xul Azul"

though from afar it
could pass for magic
it is sand and a dry
vast crawl to cross it

though i may impart
ruinous glowworms
for stars as gray pours
down into this room

i know it is no way out

"Keep it in your own dark heart."

What up. Ilka bits: "The fact that there is South Korean hiphop is wack enough, but imagine a vast China enthralled with Korean hiphop! ...BEOWULF is still a compelling work of fantasy, but we no longer have the context in which Beowulf was composed: some bard with a harp comes trudging over a hill and is welcomed by the tribal warriors of the local community in some kind of longhouse. I get a similar frisson when I think of fifty-cent paperback Ace Doubles in a rotating wire rack at the bus station. ...High-tech, low-cost terrorism could be the new extreme sport. ...If it weren't for Hitler, Mao, Stalin and Gandhi, the 20th century would have developed worldwide at a cracking free-market pace, in peace and prosperity, and we ALL WOULD HAVE FRIED HORRIBLY CHOKING ON OUR OWN SPEW sometime in the 1960s... ...If civilization collapses or takes a major hit, it's gonna be like living in New Orleans now, only on a planetary scale."

Friday, March 17, 2006

(via chinadaily dot com)

"CHESSFLASH WORLD NEWS- November 3, 2005 New Orleans, Louisiana PAUL MORPHY GRAVE INTACT..... In response to worldwide inquiries Chesslab's very own New Orleans professional chess master Jude Acers today visited the New Orleans tomb of American chess meteor/world chess champion Paul Charles Morphy (1837-1884)-with two American Red Cross workers. It is INTACT- SAVED by $50 ,000 remodeling shortly before the monster Katrina hurricane struck..all 8 members of the Morphy family gravesite are now in one tomb. Note for daily visitors with cameras... OPEN 9AM- 3PM but DAYLIGHT HOURS ONLY FOR TOURISTS TO EVEN APPROACH. Not safe at night)" (via Ch*sslab)

   "Compulsory Parturition"

i do not want to watch actors
simulating pain and mortal anguish

though a clock's hand has grown toward
our turmoil's midnight as i was dozing

sobbing night birds loud against night traffic

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Top10 Mozarabs. Cat St*v*ns. Richard Burton. Marmaduk* Pickthall. Lor**na McK*nnitt (on Th* Mask and th* Mirror). L*onard Coh*n (R*c*nt Songs). Madonna ("Frozen" vid*o). T 3 Lawr*nc*. Gw*ndolyn Mac3w*n. H*nri Corbin. Hakim B*y.

Kokoschka- "N*w York" (via class dot uh dot *du)


Proulx brouhaha.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Turkish Futharks.

During Idol, a Fid*lity ad with "In-a-Gadda-da-Vida" & lascivious cartoon blooms.

Snapshot of Khidr. (via robotwisdom)

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

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Turkish borrowings.


Monday, March 13, 2006

"There was a ghostly epiphany, a ghostly confirmation, when, in the late 1980s, the number of home casualties in the [Vi*tnam] war was officially exceeded by the number of suicides among its veterans." --Martin Amis, Koba th* Dr*ad (2002)


   Dead leaves swirl:
are we not yet sick of war?
After this the pearl
dead leaves swirl,
and hunger trails the haggard squirrel.
No nuts stored before
dead leaves swirl.

Are we not yet sick of war?"

--3rnst Kipling

"I consider it a source of pride that these two blog carnivals are how we in the Islamsphere have responded to the Danish cartoon issue. "

Sunday, March 12, 2006

On my victrola- Mario P*ralta at th* R*g*ncy

'The only thing incredible in Defoe is that he wrote all that he wrote." --Th* Ag* of Louis XIV

   "Gibbous Psalm

In dreams I wander free, exile no more;
In Djuna's arms I lie, exile no more.

When I meet those who speak my inner language
Our slant is understood, exile no more.

Far from the crush of cities I dismount
To dance beside a fire, exile no more.

My poem silently hurls through interstellar
Space to find its mark: exile no more.

Before I've had my coffee yet I reach
And grasp with left hand first--exile no more."

--Mustapha Mond