Friday, August 26, 2005

"I read Flannery O'Connor's novel Wise Blood over a period of one or two days. This act, by itself, had no particular extra significance, but I read the book while replaying Bob Dylan's album Blood on the Tracks over and over again. By the time I finished reading the novel, it had turned into a strange collaboration between O'Connor and Dylan, something I called Wise Blood on the Tracks."

Dismaying humidity. Plush squalor.

"For to offer Rosettian tosh as poetry 1911 was not to stride into eternal realms but to misconceive 1911."

--Hugh K*nn*r

A bit o' Flarf crit. (via Cami*rs d* Cor*y)

   "Anvil of Paint"

Ordinary sorrow turns · to fancy math in making's mirror;
coruscating waltz absaorbs · your burning rain in making's mirror.

Now among black shards i go · and though i'm only pasing through,
i want to know i took my blur · and taught it war in making's mirror.

Things fall, and stay as they land.

"In return, she has given the script her blessing."
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Thursday, August 25, 2005

To distinguish fraud from random nasty surplus is on occasion difficult.

"Enfold the scanty grey serge scapular"


   "Giant Slushworms"

A puny uncouth ailing vassal think
Docks, quitchgrass, loathly mallows no man plants

Form flatworm satisfaction in Xanadu,
Or amphibology unpacks a rainbow?

If i on occasion hazard my utmost music
That in this bloody coruscating waltz
A puny uncouth ailing vassal think
Docks, quitchgrass, loathly mallows no man plants

Proconsul accruals watch a sloppy ingot
Triumph in uffish bardic sciamachy
But blindfold foundling may my sandcoil myrrh
Vanish shorn of stars should i aurora
A puny uncouth ailing vassal think.

Words fail this bard.

On my victrola: Gabor Szabo- "Go ask Alic*".

Invisibl* Citi*s Hot*l.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


   "...the orb I sought
To serve, those glimpses came of Fomalhaut..."


If my window is still not working by now, it can wait through our cold days.

"As Life, the somewhat, hangs 'twixt nought and nought.."


"Or say, words have knees..."


"Each a god's germ, doomed to remain a germ"


"Visual artists painting all day with the sound of their brush strokes amplified over the public address system."

"Brief, the object of Arab life was to be--to be fre, to be brave, to be wise; while the endeavour of other peoples was and is to have--to have wealth, to have knowledge, to have a name; and while moderns make their 'epitome of life' to be, to do, and to suffer."

--Richard F Burton, T*rminal 3ssay to Th* Thousand Nights and a Night

Truly our world is simulacrum of a misfiring conspiracy.

Automatically do ambigrams. (via M*tafilt*r)


Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Ophion aparthood this · I coast onion mask spurting basilisk
orchid stinky shard · woodchuck honcho idolatrous
storp this I usurp pitch Scully · down mask assumptions

Traditionally a Sith bard would vanish at song's crux. I dismount by turning again to my initial word. For I am not actually a Sith.


[ gafiating (passion)
if · I (caracul)(carol) study (atrocity) distort
ungainly aground

[ halitosis party blowout · I

[ futility tulip

parity warg
dry I at · ryotwar twinkling fallout

tumid fun am I adapting

"Here comes Johnny with an iPod
Shuffle in his hand

gafiating ransack if · I calico strum diamond
ungainly aground tripod · panic insight as gallop
actinic akin firn Africa · Lilith actually

Triumvirat circa 1973. Garmonbozia.


parity warg
dry I at · ryotwar twinkling fallout grasp
ago ado grail hydrargyrum
· wins rain Styx disport my
vocabulary star swain saw
· gray star owls riding

This is finish of a Sith song. Its tag is "2M1207b": our first distant world a photo of is found. To look at is to think of many dark fathoms’ crossing and our small cobalt orb, its wights at war with its own air, no warg to fly to past losing. But you can’t absorb that. Its gray dot is obviously a glitch. Canaan is not that icon.
   Dark fathoms say So Long.

   gray star owls riding

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Monday, August 22, 2005

To the editors at  "Entertainment Weekly,"  

Once again, you guys simply do not get it.  In the recent article  "Summer Squash" much ado was made about how movies like Bewitched and Cinderella Man "both underperformed in spite of their stars."  What stars? Surely you don't mean Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe?  A quick glance at the filmography of either will reveal them to be little more than highly paid actors with mostly lackluster to middling track records among the American moviegoing populace.   I mean, come on, did anybody really think that the woman who appeared in a dud like Birth was going to be able to pack 'em in to a movie that bastardized a beloved small screen classic; that is, after failing to pack em in a year ago for a bastardized remake of a 70's psychological horror film.  Need more proof?  Check out the U.S
grosses for The Birthday Girl and the much publicized Moulin Rouge! Even Kidman's Oscar winning The Hours couldn't grow legs at the box office, and neither The Others nor Cold Mountain, according to the Internet Movie Database, achieved a domestic gross in excess of $100,000,000. Though Kidman consistently generates a lot of press, the American public has almost
as consistently rejected her as a bona fide movie star.  What's not to get about that?

Ditto, the boor named Russell Crowe (whom the press impishly labels a "bad boy," so he'll somehow come across as less of a bully). Crowe got lucky with the likes of Gladiator and A Beautiful Mind,  but, like Kidman, the rest of his resume is rounded out by movies that, despite lots of acclaim, failed to reach the greater percentage of average moviegoers: LA Confidential,
The Insider, Mystery Alaska, and, yes, even Master and Commander.  Further, all the gossipy speculation about Crowe and Meg Ryan wasn't enough to turn 2000's Proof of Life into a box office blockbuster. Why? Because most of the average moviegoing public isn't interested in paying good money to see Russell Crowe on the big screen.  So why does the media report
his every move?  Believe me, if people weren't interested in seeing Crowe in Cinderella Man before he started throwing phones, they were even less likely afterward.  Here again, the general public is smarter than the press.

Also, enough already of the requiem for Cinderella Man.  I worked in the movie exhibition business for over 20 years and the truth is, prestigious, well reviewed movies flop at the box office all the time; likewise, heavily hyped "high concept" pictures flop just as often  It's just the crap-shot nature of the business. Why did Cinderella Man fail?  Simple, the marketing campaign
was all wrong.  The movie was presented to the American moviegoing public as a prime Oscar contender at a time when most people simply weren't thinking about Oscars. Worse, the last big Oscar winner was also about boxing. The producers of Cinderella Man should
have waited until fall, utilized a more modest ad campaign, and platformed the movie's release.  If they'd done that, instead of being so nakedly greedy for the summer box office dollar, they might have better postioned their picture in the market place--and dodged that business about Crowe's temper tantrum.

Finally, you guys really are fools, you know that?  For you to attribute the success of War of the Worlds more to Dakota Fanning than Tom Cruise is just preposterous.  Do you honestly believe that little girl, as good as she is, would have made a difference at the box office if she'd been paired with a less charismatic, less bankable star than Cruise?  Or do you just expect your readers to believe that? The War of the Worlds has taken in over 200 million dollars at the U.S. theatres.  It's a personal box office best for Cruise, which seems to indicate the American moviegoing public is more interested in whether he delivers on the big screen, and less interested in what he does on Oprah Winfrey's tv show. So why can't you be a little more gracious, accept defeat, and get over yourselves?

The American public has spoken this summer, and they're not happy. The people at the top of Hollywood moviemaking community would do well to listen. They should do what I used to do when I was in the business: listen to what people are saying when they're in ticket lines, or when they're walking through the lobby after their movie is over, and, especially, go into auditoriums and gauge how people respond to the previews of coming attractions (but beware of focus groups, in which people tend to become self-conscious--and instead keep your eyes and ears open for the unguarded, spontaneous reaction).   There's an old saying, "Give the people what they want and they'll show up every time."  Well, you know, the reverse of that is true also, as we have seen this summer.  But you have to be willing to listen first in order to make any of it work.  Meanwhile, you guys at EW would better serve your readers if you stuck to reporting the trends of the entertainment machine instead of straining, as you now so often do, to dictate them.

Thank you,
Melanie Pruit

"Mysticism doesn't come naturally to an ironist..."
                                           --Pauline Kael


sump am I in · tomorrow rusty tsantsa ask
fulvous smalt spool wall imp wick
· wispy and still sorrowing smily
fossick grisly around bolt
· swindling frost cub

Here comes Handsome Johnny with a Chinese
Menu in his hand
Marching to the Dim Sum War"

--Victor V*rmis


pulp small I ink · follows fulcrum ash appalling
gulls slip up as am balmy
· sly allot bits with unknown killings
if could slow blast moonlight swarm
· using UFOs

Hollow Gaia is origin of UFOs. From Polar doors soaring.


basic marl as I scoop smart · gall bringing sloppy walking as
I assist ichthyosaur · solid forlorn apply tsantsa
smugly daft arid stool agaric · rapacious

Night visions carry actual import. So do shrooms. So do sitcoms. Our folly is not to know how to act on it.


logic forlorn again I
· ocarina affair fob crass
slack forgot brought any back
· ogrishly gallons fill and fill
roting across ballistic grout
· nix onion wax mask

Only Sith dancing is a choral bug stomp.
   Ophion a world a moon of Goldilocks or 70 Virginis b. Tripods warm cloud world. Why do i go back to that icon of gray? Is it i find sunlight not so inspiring? "Warg" is location a wight was born in. "Gafiating" is scifi fandom lingo for Going Away From It All, giving up fandom. "Ryotwar": if farming tax cannot always pay thus auto killing is a kind of solution or so it looks. Institution riot, matrix against its units. Can ants go nomadic? Will history award us a final fix?

"French sociologist Roger Caillois... makes a very broad definition of human play identifying just four different types: agon (competition), alea (chance), mimicry (simulation), ilinx (vertigo). To this categorization Yoshida Mitsukuni added one further Japanese category: play of seasons, which refers to activities like the tea ceremony, flower arranging and moon viewing, which express elements of nature in refined and highly cultivated forms".

Most influential book: Club of Rom* R*port--in jr high.
Most influential song: "Hous* of th* Rising Sun"
Most influential movie: St*pp*nwolf
Most influential TV show: Night Gall*ry
Most influential historical event: Vi*tnam War as shown in Lif* magazin*
Most influential personal experience: 1980 Rainbow Gath*ring

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Th* L*ad*rship G*nius of G*org* W. Bush.

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vanishing saintly in I · as churchical lizard angry
aggry ask back tidal ink · stab glass my winking instinct sib
bardcraft is ichor thoroughly · ruinous cranch scoff

Wax rod light for old books. Magic books.


schismatic accruals rhost
· singularity Isuzu
faulty strong rig aching · rapacious scabbard accord
grimly Mustang was blackbody
· is arousal char

Actually, it was a Taurus that got burnt up.


pariah rasp orlon I · saintly shadows crisp falling as
spasmodic pollution prowls · click not on Sith tsunami rank
birdtalk unfamiliar starkly · glorious Lysol

T*asdal* and Vach*;l Lindsay both drank Lysol.


antisocial industry · Atari I issuing worms
scalar nights
fast click fizz ink · idolatry quick assailing
stands grisly vying
garuda · story raining pray

Lunar shadows mucho crisp. I had an Atari.


haul axis I · smoky ruinous Imbolc sharp
warior gulp glass fantasy
· Ixion riding assign bilk
assuaging smack loot skulls by arroyo
· buff villain

'Roids in Baghdad, shoot at anything, hot on a cold day.


mutiny cubic stint I · know by scrambling bugs oblong mist
scrying is stoical lich · and stars will skittishly gnarly
forlorn swinging abbot uyoku-ollav · is scud

"Lich" is a body magic puts in motion. "Uyoku" is politically right-wing.

"...everything going according to dreadful, criminal plan."

"To get the average Joe to buy a book for leisure reading, you basically have to tell them 15-20 times."