Friday, January 07, 2005

"Fuzwp Oqwmg"

this wintry noonday
slowly drawing away
soaring why?
a rising icy mist
was pursuing nova of -
that horror which stalks

good-old labyrinth blood
in a storm within
was shadowy and lost
crimson amphibian all stumps soft
labyrinth cant why how but grow

with myriad, vast sight
amphibian blood
- down grow glass
things luminous why stalk
shook its hawk wings
martyr nostalgia

star for mark fungus carnivorous
booming in fitful gusts
pursuing stark living soaring shaft of nothing
bad pill, tomb did cant. soaring coughing -
unwilling admiration of

forms waving and rustling
this wintry noonday
awful hum and murmur
was shadowy and lost
such unorthodox conditions
go of his own accord

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Wednesday, January 05, 2005


For fans of Johnny Guitar only.

A dialog in history.

"One does not ask the social value of mountain climbing: and there is a kind of poetry corresponding to that--autotelic, intolerant of ease." --Krakatoa E. Simoleon, Azazel (1933)

"Prison Library"

This is the way i holy
normal work stalking shadowy word

noxious out
shadow star / did burning do drip Carcosa

infamous ghost that
wants to put burning in diamond

loud morrows
soft luminous blood zonda

Monday, January 03, 2005

"I Think I’m Going to Laugh"

-burning of fungus. nova math
-drip sinking. to triumphant lamp

of down transplant star - us nova nova
midnight grip gun

pursuing nova junk - spurting
skin loathing atomic - burning Ubar

/did burning do drip
. sinking - grip rain


how can i this stark stalk
in in do not. living and vacuum pursuing junk
loathing all its crispy frost
skin sands shadow
living sinking - hollow
of fungus and stalk
in in of for it / spray with
glacial blood to go glad
of down transplant star - us nova nova
black wind star.
do star? not. -

watch a bug across it crawl

"Just Not Into You"

. / of fungus vugg
of down transplant star - us nova nova wood

for with amphibian
. / do star. it. down flip moon

carnivorous star / can’t
can’t grip rat. lingo

transplant grip sinking / for last
amphibian vacuum ions