Saturday, March 06, 2010

Russia Preparing the Russian Sheeple for a Fake Alien Encounter.

"For the first time the mystery that coils like a great black serpent in the shining heart of the East startled and fascinated her, a mystery in which indifference and devotion mingle. The white figure swayed slowly to and fro, carrying the dull, humming voice with it, and now she seemed to hear a far-away fanaticism, the bourdon of a fatalism which she longed to understand." --Robert Hichens, The Garden of Allah (1904)

"Going By Helsem Way"

zhalx doloroso
flayed mariachi sculpture

this smoke is sweet
in the nostrils of the God of War

a high-pitched whirring
from the car next to me

like a neighbor's cancer
i suddenly know about

in the spring sunshine
in the glorious sunshine of spring

They Don't Know.

Friday, March 05, 2010

"Were 'In Memoriam' written in direct quatrains, I think the effect would grow to be unendurable." --Edmund Clarence Stedman, Victorian Poets (1889)

The Next Mona Lisa?


deserted intersection at night
far from home
waiting for the light

thieves arrive in my sleep
and a halo
around the moon

the walls shiver
i have nothing

but this moment to hold
take it as i watch

Thursday, March 04, 2010

"He waited while the appointed whisperers repeated the words, the hall filled, it seemed, with the sound of a breeze." --Daniel Abraham, A Betrayal in Winter (2007)

Exquisitely futile are the books
men write to say what they know of God.
It matters to them ever so much
their words be thought to harbor truth.
When i deny this vain presumption
it's to draw a line between
the folly that a fall may cure
and that which nothing can redeem

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

"Ode to the New Jobs Bill"

big raku karma
blog throbbing
gracile Markov chism our womb existing,
world and wide, our womb resting
back flip only the if node
ens split facebook Smilla Lovecraft snow
no tracks from the cabin lead

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

"Writing books--piling new narratives onto each one's internal mythical narrative--is a kind of surplus killing." --Susan Antonetta

"Changing counsel inside lightning"

powder blue neckties
mocha frappé chiller
from Merlin sleep the cry cry of the Regulus
fate looms bright what's one more sorrow thorn
they're only made of clay
to love
some of the things she loves
the morning light so corrosive
i can barely stand to see

the beginning of a story
that can contain
this too
the sound of a breeze
a la nue accablante

storage of all my songs
chrome or pewter
heft it
years will not destroy

the value of π will be three
should a machine say goodbye?
champion of light
and a soft sound of morning rain occult
backs off from the decree making it legal
lakh Hekla
illáh Allá Hallí

Jack Myers tribute in Espejo.

The Philosophy of Punk Rock Mathematics.

Monday, March 01, 2010


with meek alabaster he begins

clang dormant mustard

despair in the morning of theocracy
so called drug
anthology and dead hand
spray thrown up only
edge mustered
toe hold and bitter return

from the shadows a warning whisper
in this spiralling but immaculate cube
suddenly mistrustful of the soap
talking squid frontier
this mimics

"It's pleasant to have an art that can never make money or much sensation; then in dry times it hardly seems to exist." --Robert Lowell, op cit

Sunday, February 28, 2010

"Autistic Gnosticism"

unusual illusions lie
talking squids in outer space
the sound of bent fabric
the roaring of a crane

gray finality gray the source
whirring as the planes enclose
and we, who always sought to save,
find ourselves destroying signs

the Negaverse
in crisis
in search of religious cooties

surrounded by books
wanting less & less to write one
picking up an old anthology
i should have been included in

How to split up the US. (via Silliman)

"...a relentless poet, dying and awake, howling a shattering song that contains us all." (via Poetry Hut)