Saturday, May 06, 2006

"Does Gnosticism even exist?" (via ALDaily)

goblin woodwind · abatis
flush · window indigo swirl
pools forlorn · addict twinkling

kilo anchovy · adorn
rat abstains · rasta stigma
witch tsunami off · cloud flung

"We motored down-town, to arrive where a doorman in a convict dress, black-and-white stripes, ushered us into a crowded, smoky pandemonium. The name of this joint was Cell Block 7. There was no dancing, no food, no cabaret. People sat at small tables, closely packed, drinking beer or the liquor they had brought with them, and shouting at one another through the din. This was created, unceasingly while we were there, by a jazz band--the Cell Block 7 boys--who were also wearing convicts' clothes, with battered black bowlers on the backs of their heads. Now and again, one of them would clutch the microphone and bellow incomprehensible lyrics into it; but most of the time they simply banged away at the piano and drums, blasted away in a frenzy through trumpet, trombone, saxophone, until the deafened customers rose at them with applause and shouts. ...that smoky hot room shuddered with sound. It was like being in a brass foundry adrift in a hurricane. ...this, I was told, was one of the favourite night spots of the young in Dallas." --J B Pri*stl*y in: Pri*stl*y & Jacqu*tta Hawk*s, Journ*y down a Rainbow (1955)

Stairways. (via M*tafilt*r)

Friday, May 05, 2006

"I sometimes think it all lives in me: everything I've seen and experienced, all the people I've known. When I think this way, I think of myself as a field in which things grow and die, one after another, each taking root in soil fed by each previous thing, leading all the way back to the first thing, which in a sense still remains. It remains in what remains.

Such are my lyrical moments. Other times, most times, I think of myself as a turnstile: each thing passes through me and is gone forever." --Oblivio

"The United States dropped more bomb tonnage on Laos than on Nazi Germany... $2 million every day from 1964 through 1973..." --Th* 3nds of th* 3arth

Thursday, May 04, 2006


D*ath D*al*r.

dark flying sun · aurora lapsing
grow down mutiny drops · thick Samhain lapsing

no plan · swirl
through rapids · music lapsing

tubular · crystal
to you consign all my · pyx lapsing

a day without · or stilb annihilation
Xanadu · lapsing

strong · Grinchus
lifts sloppy ingot · lapsing

Wikip*dia Turbofolk.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

DeeDee told us that Faiza had decided not to speak, and had left. "I think it was the music that did it," she said. "I think she felt it was the kind of music that the American soldiers in Iraq listen to in their tanks."

"...a patriot of a future age: an age of Gaia." --Th* 3nds of th* 3arth

"Even madmen had a regiment, the deli, or loons, Riskers of their Souls, who were used, since they did not object, as human battering rams, or human bridges..." --Jason Goodwin, Lords of th* Horizons (1998)

   "Soliloquy on the New Ten

Their bills turned browner as their hearts grew blacker,
Reality more buried under lacquer;
  The polar caps melted
  While amateurs belted
Out anthems of Reagan and Thacker."

--Victor V*rmis

"...I would estimate that of every ten units of energy (or money) expended preparing for Peak Oil today, nine are spent preparing for war while only one is spent building lifeboats and teaching people how to survive."


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

N*w Barbarian Manif*sto.


By some derision of wild circumstance
Not then our pleasure somehow to perceive,
Last night we fell together to achieve
A light eclipse of years. But the pale chance
Of youth resumed was lost. Time gave a glance
At each of us, and there was no reprieve;
And when there was at last a way to leave,
Farewell was a foreseen extravagance.

Tonight the west has yet a failing red,
While silence whispers of all things not here;
And round there where the fire was that is dead,
Dusk-hidden tenants that are chairs appear.
The same old stars will soon be overhead,
But not so friendly and not quite so near."

--3dwin Arlington Robinson, in: A Misc*llany of Am*rican Po*try (1925)

Pair was in my folks' Sunday school class.

Monday, May 01, 2006

"In truth I felt my weakness, and the view
Had wakened no unreasonable fear
But that a nearer sight had stirr'd my blood;
For on the summit where we stood four Towers
Were piled with human skulls, and all around
Long files of human heads were strung to parch
And whiten in the sun."


"Hafiz and Sa-adi sang frequently, even wearisomely, of roses. Yet there is no word for rose in the Persian language; the best they can manage is 'red flower'." --Vita Sackvill*-W*st, Passag* to T*h*ran (1926)

"...a war correspondent ...cited in Vanity Fair's Best-Dressed List of 2004."

"...the cartwheel. Immensely important in Capoeira. Use it for a quick retreat or lure your partner into a trap."

"In October 2004, five months after the Abu Ghraib torture scandal in Iraq came to light, Congress passed a series of new rules and regulations for military prisons. Bush signed the provisions into law, then said he could ignore them all. One provision made clear that military lawyers can give their commanders independent advice on such issues as what would constitute torture. But Bush declared that military lawyers could not contradict his administration's lawyers."

Sunday, April 30, 2006

"Over time and a lot of heat, more scholars have shifted to admitting that Dickinson's priorities are undecidable.."

pachinko Tsargrad · stuff still
Happy Thor · cooks Tokay still

prior to any light · i
sit as lorn · magnolia still

blinding hollow · nor a star
haunts this carious · world still

"[The Victorians] looked for this wholeness as a place, and so mostly do we. ...nature was equally a kind of time or a pace, the pace of a person walking, of water flowing in a river, of seasons, of time told from the sky rather than electrical signals." --Riv*r of Shadows