Saturday, January 22, 2005

Count this slovo kahuna in.

    Shadowy Crystal Moko

1. A word is built of stop-sounds and go-sounds.

2. A bit is a word-part with a go-sound.

3. Any string has an odd amount of bits.

4. A song has strings that vary in amount.

5. Trio to trio of trios plus two.

6. Amounts occur again most distantly.

7. Strings link by various kinds of joining.

8. Strong words call upon significant things.

9. A world of talk is known by its strong words.

10. Two words of talk inhabit a chirg song.

Friday, January 21, 2005


Trust No On*.

"Jimmy was a great reader of yellowback novels. ...One day Mother papered our cabin with Jimmy's novels. When he got home, he made no protest, but he got busy and continued to read from the wall, with me helping to find the next page." --Mourning Dov*: A Salishan Autobiography (ed. Jay Mill*r, 1990)

A glimflash: "An Arkham Home Companion" by Brad Strickland, in: Th* Discipl*s of Cthulhu II (2003)


Droll brackish bolt glitch
slipping abruptly dragon

fascinating action skulk fifth ash whammy
obtain tobacco

slack stalwart
ago slit bilk stump; act this asp glish pidgin
spurt apart
fibrillary anchor again pains

Thursday, January 20, 2005

War is Harmony

Dull is Strong

Thrall stands Tall


The human soul was threshed out like maize in the endless
granary of defeated actions, of mean things that happened,
to the very edge of endurance, and beyond,
and not only death, but many deaths, came to each one:
each day a tiny death, dust, worm, a light
flicked off in the mud at the city?s edge, a tiny death with coarse wings
pierced into each man like a short lance
and the man was besieged by the bread or by the knife,
the cattle-dealer: the child of sea-harbors, or the dark captain of the plough,
or the rag-picker of snarled streets:

everybody lost heart, anxiously waiting for death, the short death of every day:
and the grinding bad luck of every day was
like a black cup that they drank,with their hands shaking."

--Pablo N*ruda (tr. Jam*s Wright)

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

"Cassini has discovered three new moons. Now Saturn has 34." --CBS N*ws.

A sigil of Abraxas,
crimson and indigo vap.
Tajik day.-.. Torn rim as you:
abyss ago abolish

your wry apocalisp art,
brush a wrist acrss charcoal.
And what is not stubborn slag
to this? In a furry church

orbs unspool its staining light
as a humongous rain coil
craniosophic only...

In honor of losing this
story with atolls of iron
i dug up a railgun myth.

    ”Crock Pot”

Hussar dust, isthmus aspic matrix
or idiom dust as storm

bismuth Usk
string whinny, impact dust, asking Ragnarok

using optical
risk scrap smog bath story oral library

Monday, January 17, 2005


to stay

angry and must


across my

wars gray thalassa

Sunday, January 16, 2005

se lalxu mu'e klama le
xecto lenku lunbra
.i .uocai nunpla .i .u'e
.io le satci minji
ba'o xunkadypagre
le la taityn. noi carmi
darno ku'o selyla'u
.i krefu cu'eku .uonai

(Lak*shor* arrival at th* hundr*d-cold gr*at-moon. Plan [gr*at-compl*tion!]. [R*sp*ctful-wond*r!] th* pr*cis* machin* has trav*rs*d th* r*d dimn*ss to far Titan's marg*. Will w* *v*r again?)