Saturday, August 06, 2005

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Taliban rancid schoolyards · I abort sallow indigo
writing vagabond in across · with idolatry as
Scully shrank forlorn loofah flaw · cynic ransom prong

Thalassa on a way cold moon. Too bad for folks who don't put faith in cloud astrology.


train wrath paladin I snort
· twilight prowl paltry storm which spools
waspish sly tarpit adorn · pilgrim and jihadi ascot
and polyps brutally straying · at sworn villains flown

A ghost is a "lon*som* 3cho".


minion with unknown din gong · Gnostic swan sing stony shorn
dugong in skintight snark bookish · swarthy only addiction gift
snack agropyron tomorrow · in agar ogling

Gaunt, runic bird: garuda. Bat-druids. A pool of hoogly.


ulfiry bling affirm I
· grisly Kyoto obduracy
platform mirrors snag ugly
· gallon off of pillbug prowl
amok with agrammatist bricks · misty island slough

city built on quicksand. A skyborn rock falling shook garudas’ world. Garudas told to stop flying. Now groundlings by a Pool of Hali, long black talons scratch out songs of stasis and palindromic oblivion of prior occurring.


Californian walrus · blook I uffish mountains croak on
willowy rapacious ants · swimming pall also crooks ruinous
Isfahan aboard allow · soul somatic sky

A thousand words for dusk.

Bollywood Bangl*s.

Friday, August 05, 2005

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splistical spiky Algonquin
· I assign starry windows
rapacious · clank is apt wildwood skyward
ratbag glish agroof · poop on squint cultists

"Agroof" is worn out.


rabidly fantasy abuzz · I idolatry cloak by
sforzando washfast in strict · satsang tsunami tympani
absolution dulling · Azathoth izzard wink

"Azathoth" is womp of satori.


andiron ontic odorous · I truckdogs roast Angular Lord
and starfish windbag scarab · monkish ado forlorn tracks worm
autograph asafran birdtalk · stars growl rural scorn

4 Q 3 / 6 k 1 / 3 b 3 p / 1 p 1 B 1 K 2 / p P 4 b 1 / 4 N 1 P 1 / 4 q 2 P / 8 . ...Bg4+, K*4 Bf6+ draw. (I against la computadora.)


wabisabi fatwa ubiquist
· I asafran sandbag aboard
millions of fashion stirious · dwarf wasp buffalo ibis
riding squadron dung misty · Isfahan stars lit

"Living words" had no prior occurring; "unliving" did and for Siths that is a plus.

"The whole seems to respirate, fed by constantly changing information flowing from the environment, and from passers-by."

"The only thing missing is the Brown Shirts." (via Transdada)

Thursday, August 04, 2005


A cold so keen,
My speech unfurls tonight
as from the chattering teeth
Of a sewing machine.

Whom words appear to warm,
Dear heart, wear mine. Come forth
Wound in their flimsy white
And give it form."

--Jam*s M*rrill


inviting anyway uvular
· I storm city gnostic
paladin · knurl hyacinth twinkling fathoms
gyrating subway aviary
· subtract all rats

Rats wolfram on no marflow star.


saviour sandcoil ovary · I roll culpability grasp
asking tallow and idol
· scrawny foison pitful slow
forlorn avail rattling graywall · wynd bin orator

"Knights in Whit* Satin" as about that Asian war.


soliton poop flatiron I · Atkins womp snuffling spiritual
gorilla golf apsidal · offputting gloom wax styrofoam
rill around volvox only disk · vagabond atoms

Jovian spot as giant soliton was my long brooding hour. Storm without stopping turning. Symbol of human mind.


moribund wolfram triumvirat
· I abound runic incoming
idioplasm · awards bomb blast of gray salt
ambition storp fruits winnowing · humus am avant

"Avant" is wolfram to light bulbs.


positron wormwood isinglass
· I ithyphallic grammar
work snowy swack bog brouhaha · among owllight lolling songs
advolution sill s nimbus · anvil agallop

"Positronic brains" in Asimov’s robots allow much hinking as humans would. But is such a grammar worth constructing? I sing a body of frailty and paradox. I watch a city fall and know my song is immortal.

"The market is so large, they even have different subgenres..."

"The last identity you would want to claim now is a hipster....It's the worst of insults." (via ALDaily)

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


traik croak vanish I skim across
· brush roam rail skip avoid pain
anguish wishing tsantsa sharp
· pilgrim as skin misty ammo
rapacious scam frugal monkfish · as tsantsa abstain

As i was writing this a war was raging.


Marikh hasty grinding I · skald shorn which raglan assigns athwart
dyad igniting crisp gift · indistinctly idiotic
vigil and again mistaking · as skiff caliph flask

As i was writing this twin suns had finally sunk.


again ogganition gaunt · I onslaught monarch iguanoid
aglow maroon input ails · stark binary morass untold
ignominious rank bunkum
· andiron Cthulhu wings

As i was writing this i was not writing this.


await twinkling wasp I start · attain swarming nights know Aklo
birdtalk angrily aga twin · Baathist aswan spurious links
asking starry barracuda · prong story war stall

Night and night of too long staying up too soon waking.


valium gallon flarf I
· nugatory ambiguous
ogham tar flashing
clocks soma · know affirm plan rasp trunk off
wispy ingots subway ogham · warning stork worn crunk

"Marikh" is Mars. As morning wallops my nog, i think about days i could stay drowsing. My shadow runs on, rippling.

Truth at last about Crimson-butt Baboon Lords! (via M*tafilt*r)

"...the blogosphere continues to double about every 5.5 months..." (via bOING bOING)


Tuesday, August 02, 2005

"When our son, then a recent Princeton graduate, decided to join the Marine Corps in 2001, I advised him thus: "Do what you must, but be advised that, flourishing rhetoric notwithstanding, this nation will never truly honor your service, and it will condemn you to the bottom of the economic scrap heap should you ever get seriously wounded." The intervening years have not changed my views; they have reaffirmed them.

Unlike the editors of the nation's newspapers, I am not at all impressed by people who resolve to have others stay the course in Iraq and in Afghanistan. At zero sacrifice, who would not have that resolve?"
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Christians through groan I aspic
· struggling with cardboard insight is
strong Shaggai growl worm rubric
· agitation pharming against fragrant
book casualty angrily nights · walking island sprawling

"Pharming" is aroma of a just built apparatus of wood. As i was writing this a giant building was collapsing.


trail ordalic paranormal · I Clancy forlorn Arapaho
adamant labyrinth · florid billow accruals
spoon car crash bald snap folding frag small half blood ditch scrap

As i was writing this i thought about vacuums at midnight, hardships during war.


calico gallop blindfold
· I scolds cobalt Ogygian
campaign fluids
glandular · coign sparkling abusion slipknot
pillbug infinity oddly · affirms forlorn glyph

Buffalo Daught*r. Pallid cha. Skari s* cinmo; cins* milx*. Cismli.


giri pinball traffic I · appropos misty indigo
Abracadabra hallow · flowing glamour styptic bringing
of oft gigantic · accordingly filth

L*s Corps Glori*ux of M*ssia*n. Music for a horror film in which Cthulhu is not coming.

    "Cicada Days"

soda of tamarind
brush trail of labyrinth wodwo

dull rust color cloud
autopsy trap

rural Fomalhaut
wigwam soul sulfur

"It's nice to finally be able to put a face to the humiliating nickname."

Lyn*tt* Cook has a book!

Blu*glass AC/DC glimflash band.

Asymm*trical multiculturalism.

Monday, August 01, 2005


kiwification pillbug
· swarm I affirm windows Scully
paladin stringray nitpick · aorta inland spawning milf
blood glint obtusangular ruinous · against ask

Don't ask.


albino glyph abhor I · snowman wombat ignobly slain
by spooky Shaggai gap ablaut · chugging pontifical crisp
cicada as snappy wodwo · twinkling ominous

"Shaggai" is god Ra. Pollution apricot. Fancy.


invidious anvil
avows · I adagios bildar
mouth rusty ashcan caracul · inborn avoidy nights blob
wallop avidly cobalt sworn · as fin rapacious

"Adagios of islands." "Bildar" digs. Sharkly thirsts assuaging.


visitors rip Osiris · I attacking robot grisly
is argon bill spurts conform · assay million crawdad bitmap
is sickly cargo storybook · stalk catacomb scalp

Osiris, a burning world. Horripilation. Autonomy. As i was writing this, i thought of you.


illicit flow claypit I · scoop Sicily stains affording
alloy yoin twilight scuttling · flail barracuda byblow spork
wintry stool
cicada tsar script · folly following

That Patriot Act is now to stay. What falls away was not actually ours, no?


billow ambulatory · I strain as aboard with
blood glint contort twinkling rags · important abruptly rags
clocks wailing strong cold frolic myth · wigwam Asgard storm

Barbarians applaud unkind acts.

Yomango. (via M*tafilt*r)

Sunday, July 31, 2005

" by day
New pollen on the lily-petal grows,
And still more labyrinthine buds the rose."



choir shadow box I drastic
· assumptions char harm adamant
twinkling abandon · soft Axum riff adagio
drawback oasis tsunami · stomp nil accruals

Should i abandon this ungainly thing, not a song nor any part of truth?


Hasinai catapult as
· I unchanging barracuda
cicada scour handjob at
· markov spurious bungalow
string · rapacious ashtray

Bartok: Music for String Instrum*nts, P*rcussion and C*l*sta.


Tajik rants ajaja I · skink trustworthily random inch
attain ashtray half sjombak · ramp ajar rapacious viral
issuant skanky cicada · infirmary skunk

"Ajaja" is sandstorm; "sjombak" bullwhip. A blood cult on top. Sorrow.

Dumbing Us Down.

N*w 3dition.

Orcus, 2003 UB313 (or X*na), and 2003 EL61 (or K40506A)...