Saturday, December 23, 2006

To Titan's thinking birds, Saturn's disk is a big bird.

dawn blogging
sound of sloppy Ialdabaoth
morth ominous zodiac
aid without fog coils

way high road troll sub to float · or was it to
fall · or was writing it a floating fall div
an day in a cold, gray, fog-
bound ability scorch potlatch air

blogging glob
to push back Sacla

Nois* Putty.

Friday, December 22, 2006

"If you learned to speak Lojban...."

Navia Dratp. Plus.

Ishtar portal aroma blogging
blood blogging

polyps flowing raucous night war always at
had yoga blogging

immortal song mouth that glows
with thorn most malign important · wall blogging

Grinchus charts
cicalas blogging

"What would you say to the future?" --A bard is not a wight that sings, but a wight that knows prior things, lost today.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

(via hom*pag* dot mac dot com slash sboon*az)

blogging is a chav artform
murk charts any possibly
odd pokchang spurts your posh washboard author
wisdom shot far from worlds

Pokchang attiring a wight, not with mundanity.

blogging glass robots
aglow again with anchors ago
ogham slag

random psalmist history's crypt
tortuous obtaining so stillborn ashtray
maggot agony slit dawn

Always put on too much clothing for this mild gray light.

solstitial blogging
gray throng roads · pharaoh flogging
migratory swarm
turning in thick twilight
black forms turning and diving

"The aliens had simply arrived, by chance, in time to witness the last acts of a long drama: tragic, fascinating, rich and rank and strange..." --Gwyn*th Jon*s, Pho*nix Caf* (1998)

On my victrola- Music at th* Tim* of th* Crusad*s ("Fauv*l" motets)

Wolv*s at th* Door. (An actual "Julia"?)

My cha- Sky B*tw**n th* Branch*s

Chin*s*/Japan*s*/Vi*tnam*s* blog--via Languag* Hat--but also a Pink Floyd insight that was on this blog prior.

"But Parry's perspective is a fusty one; as a literary intellectual he's attuned to a literary and political culture which is all but dead in the West as well as in Japan." (my italics)

Flavors. (via wood_s lot)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

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'I have in me the whip of speech and the hearing of the angels.' --Gnosis on th* Silk Road

   "Bum Hunting Outfit"

of fractal days
a wodwo knows
that nothing shows
its worn top out
bright murk arrays
notion and scar
harm brought calcspar
that a firm doubt

'Or have they any stairway (unto heaven)...?' --Sûrah 52 (Pickthall)

   "Frost Giants"

annul birdtalk cairn
dark a fjord gong holy child

i don't joust karmic lapwings murk narc
know of prong ruck · quickly shill to unknown vap

wink anything xoanon now
yapping zoo

Movi* Mapp*r. (via M*tafilt*r)

"Just be sure to have your Reese’s Pieces handy when they come calling."

"Bad, bumbling English is always a happenin' planet..."

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

"...I am sitting alone
   in the history of music
and nothing all everything
   loads body down off the
hanging symptoms."

--mi*kal and, knowl*dg* swirling man t*ll slow stori*s (1986)

3ast*r Sacrific*. (via M*tafilt*r) [slow load]


and ruinous martyrs' singular blood
portrayal shorn of shadowy yoga
Polonium now or short aroma

Badtz Maru down pulls Polonium wall
carbolic martyrs youth to opal dark
is a car bomb as bilk so cargo

it dilatory scarab auroras
bulk warhaul Polonium karma

To avoid soul pain from ugly surroundings, a wight must shut out too much of what's going on. An artificial world is no satisfactory proxy.

murk lingo no salvation
is and moon · no salvation

chasm back to Gunnison
in that wood · no salvation

today pours bright burgundy
kylix vugg · no salvation

Ubar stairway and stars a pronoun goaf
thrust practical · sands no salvation

smug unicorns frolic luck's discarding
bulwark ions of no salvation

"Works only around midnight, and can only do some of the work between heartbeats."

Monday, December 18, 2006

I am not my tracks, i am not my path, i am not my way forward. Dust stirring among pallid shadows. Cry to Cthulhu.

   "A Ballad of Bad Bargains"

pad flurry spiralling · bad bargains
and sharp futility · your grammar
account long scabbard
loud adjoining tomb
turn out florid owl
of Babylon

cravat viridian nirvana
car bombs slow up my fan fic · and words
sloppy pangolin
torn soil doing worms
activity ghosts
song born of frost

"I think many members of the press think they inhabit an imagined center, and take pride in the fact that people on the left and right often object to the way in which they tell the story."

   "Nativity in Black"

a fun Iraqi diaspora
born of bald political football
tattoo jahiliyah · strict yahoos
and sprawling miraculous kudzu
"mangina" clouds laud
obsidian taiga
vivid to consign my
shrink thwart gnosis

'It would be just as if a man should fall in love with one of the sparrows which fly by, but it has already passed out of sight.' --Th* Thoughts of th* 3mp*ror Marcus Aur*lius Antoninus (tr G*org* Long, 1889), vi.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Born into what world of rainbow gold, that you a ghost roam hungry for bright winnings?

Tast* of Ch*rry.

   "Robots of Saturn"

sitcom from ash murk
arraign a limit
a shawabty talks

caustic cabin
and king scarab

with ruinous faith

swallows an opal
Socratic goaf

"The more withered the reality, the more gigantic and tyrannical the dream." --Gaitskill, op cit

   "Incalcitrant Oaxaca"

nary scarab frith
nor spook scrupulous lack of faith frith

hollowly rhyparographic my scrollwork
opal frith

and i know but avoid an
audit Grinchus of this scarp rank frith

Darmok. (via Languag* Hat)

"...language is collective, or it dies. If you ponder this contradiction for the rest of your life, it’ll do your poetry immeasurable good..."

A non-Ori*ntalist. (via *t*raz)