Saturday, July 23, 2005

"...first I enter Bosnia from Serbia. Actually, where I enter at that moment is the Serb entity in Bosnia. My bus drives me to the Serb controlled suburbia of Sarajevo, where a take taxi to Muslim controlled Sarajevo downtown, entering the Muslim-Croat entity (fortunately, no checkpoints there). Then I switch my passports and take the bus from Sarajevo to Croatia."


snailward and walking I flog · twinkling gambit trauma idols
damp inkhorn odors twill rasp · plankton skylight pinworms into
ogham wishful of cloud tomorrows · ignobly at

A wizard who no long*r both*rs.


script occult cryptic I opt · starfish portal scab accruals
Dunkirk clutch stylish octopus · argot hybrid ipthoa
still giddy sculsh fishhook conform · spurn starkly asking

"Ipthoa" is to look at icons.


snail angst fathoms I allot · bank sniffling sgraffito ashram
stow uffish matrix its churinga · rock amalgam Asgard
binary layaway fluids · allot aorta

Invisibly trod upon on my way in, two big snails: i abhor that crunchy dark footpath crossing.


mulish cusp slowly I ostrich · thorny scrawl lungfish as spiral
is Plutonian pools twin · flagon Byzantium rigor
mortis asking atrium urns · lightning occupant

Blish’s Black 3ast*r. Origami. Vanilla latt*s.


3dmund Backhous* and sundry bookish frauds.


Friday, July 22, 2005

257 to 171.



barium malt transform I · munch amphibians immolating
rapacious flood story · still groundlings rampart ink island
affirm collusion prolonging · important disturb

Can’t talk about this. Nights without stars.


solid conquistador glory · I adtopics Scully dock
insidious squid dusk mill · ash study talion addiction
coldly grip agony flying · formal grisly my

"Scully" is waiting for java though you forgot to turn your java apparatus on.


taking rain skald I snort again · briskly gallon in unknown
Asgard skinflint cant global · idols wind island snack hollow
frown stink rapacious agathism · a with instant

That part of Sin City without fighting or killings.

"... the land is recoverable at first only through the imagination."

You will go to th* Moon.

Caldicott on DU.

Thursday, July 21, 2005


wiki difficulty akin · I idolatry birdtalk
offspring nights acting · out Pluto sticky dysthymic
patch skimp links instinctual riddling · pitch odorous words

"Tsathoggua" is Krypton is Carcosa pidgin.


Ahriman ghost army I · am fancy input aghast church
torturing as strict
garb grins · impactful my Sith Malathion
Umbrist of rattling unknown · ichor byways lit

I must work hard to catch up from my days off. I am told that in a prior day any who had vacation would find aid with part of that work load. Not now.


broiling trimmings so I slough · hiniku ingrown agaric
stony frown without imgrat · amok dilatory unborn
asking agitator · Vogons disarm us

Scaning Iraqi blogs as our A/C runs so cold i must don garb of cold days just to stay warm in July.


Druid grisly pundits I · adorn uglily crutch winking
ash glottal dynamo spoor · rust instant adds risk starry is
ginkgo fathoms idiocy cold · grotto indigo

Storm at rush hour. Two hour blackout at Casa Rosada. Plankton dying. Pic still hanging wrong.
   On my victrola- Jorg*n Ingmann: Apach*.


"Perspectives must be fashioned that displace and estrange the word, reveal it to be, with its rifts and crevices, as indigent and distorted as it will appear one day in the messianic light."

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


horizon foundling arroyo I · azurn rot unorthodox
of voyaging fungus
· incoming idyll Pluto tilt
snub agronomist paradigm · grisly crisp poison

Cassandra was mad, not out of knowing what would occur, but for lack of anybody to impart it to.


vanity may intact I · storm ryotwar smirking rasp
by Biblical antacids · stirrup fact scour stunt nights ash stir
loyalty brink ambush argon · cyborg forlorn stool

103 at 3:30. Why am i driving in this, and why is traffic moving so slowly? Two windows won’t go down, no A/C. Burning up as i crawl along.


occiput scarly actors · I spawn burying stain ascian
accruals warp groan flashback · python latifundia scoot
strong forlorn argot is vicious · astray spiral ramp

Cold air in a dark room. An LP plays.


folio nocturnal slag · I bomb sniffing dog scoop story
cult grip unavailing · rapacious slab Tsathoggua glut
walking again might obtain moult · ammo abundant

Magicians all going mad at last, but along that way finding actual magic.
   Pollution crimson.

On my victrola- T*nn*ss** 3rni* Ford: "L*t It B*".

R*n* Alb*rt Chal*t. (via B*yond th* B*yond)

Counting victims.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Robotwisdom Poll.

  'One pillar holding up consolations,
another pillar,
a duplicate pillar, pillarous
and like the grandchild of a dark door.
Lost noise, the one, listening, at the edge of fatigue;
drinking, the other, two by two with handles.

  Don't I perhaps know the year of this day,
the hatred of this love, the planks of this forehead?
Don't I know that this afternoon costs days?
Don't I know that never does one say "never," on one's knees?

  The pillars that I saw are listening to me;
other pillars are, twos and sad grandchildren of my leg.
I say it in American copper
which owes to silver so much fire!

  Consoled by third marriages,
pallid, born,
I am going to close my baptismal font, this showcase,
this fright with tits,
this finger in deathrow,
heartly tied to my skeleton.'

--3shl*man's Vall*jo

"Helsem is a talented Dallas poet with a carefully cultivated eccentricity. He wore a black long coat and a bright red fez..."

10% of our brains.


Monday, July 18, 2005


variorum cardinal · grisly I downhill drawn gulag
scram fascist drip adrift · violation indigo ganch
agamist frigid nights · as glasnost my gist

Wishbon* Ash- "Sorr*l".


taqiya jangly squamous · I my path ajaja yapping
anchoritic agora · gloss cyborg ash squirt hubris rack
smooth voyaging sunlight is filch · smooth cyborg sport can

A myth of monstrous humans. Humans do monstrous things, but out of a human causality. Wishing to run away from causality. A monstrous instinct.


purity fulcrum frisk I · stiffly my affix fulgurous
Olofi scrubs grisly ruck · smooth of crumbs victory is skidmark
nights ask strictly rips affront of · slow byblow smarting

Stomach hurts.


spoils optional poison I · slag Tsathoggua bounds spool
attack rim cotton snag campaign · album spirits loam withal
assign toll snap tilt Istanbul · slowly warp Ogpu

Amidst slooming a vision of rain. Or did it actually? Barry Goldwat*r on saffron vinyl.

"The Oulipo is a gang of cynical formalists. They claim to be materialist, but they utterly disregard the dialectic of history."

"...the scandalbag cartel of nights...".


"Just as the heart beats in the darkness of the body, so I, despite this cage, continue to beat with life." (via Robot Wisdom)

Sunday, July 17, 2005

    "R is for Rutabaga"

cicada nights Scully raps
oddly ranch insight

fighting against thorny atavists
as ask scams

hubris fly Olofi my brandish handcuffs
spoon usually borscht

idiot adrift glow by grasp farm
and scuttling shadows kinky

"The authority of poetry is the authority of a mask."

"Actually, there are two names: Neen and Telic."