Saturday, July 01, 2006

Know your rights.

so many ways
of not going
things i said
song of can not do
to stay
what is staying
our world of shadows holds
only this sound
of things passing and
things starting up out of
what has now flown

Friday, June 30, 2006

Sarcastic parrots.

"This we called the "Beauty Defense..." (scroll down to 7-30-01)

"Most light arms being used in these conflicts are imported..."

'THE MANTIS, once more
at the neck of the word,
into which you slipped--,

wanders the mind,

--C*lan (tr K Washburn & M Guill*min)

On my vitrola- L*onard Coh*n: Songs from a Room

"As I sd to my
fellow americans

Thursday, June 29, 2006

A world of Pollux.

Augustus Carp, 3sq.

"America is already the greatest Islamic nation in the world."

Litha thul warm morning
small hazard spin
dim sight writing
radio of today
playing ball
       with my round nog
morning of soon go to work
not now so hot as it will go
familiar song
buying gas with plastic

"...serious poetry is about to free itself from the grip of the market economy..." (via B*rnst*in)

"...I find that I have chosen..." (via R*ading R*vival)

On my victrola- Love, P*ac* & Po*try: British Psych*d*lic Music

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Timothy C. 3ly. Plus.


"...for words are not symbols of things, they are symbols of meanings." --Lukacs

unsaying argosy sky
gray with curious audit
and glad abolish

which my rain of shards mimics
into traffic and whirl coil
whirl i pick up slag

say abort hibakusha
glass of tamarind

Schilling*r Syst*m.


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

" music, then, melted architecture?" --Lukacs

  does  not
enter   only
  the  open

not as afraid now
what's wrong is still wrong
and my hand finds
this light
wasn't ours prior
and it flows
around us and is lost

On my victrola- Th* Ghost and Mr Chick*n soundtrack by Vic Mizzy.

"Cryptography is the new black." --Juli* K*nn*r

Crystal Sun.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

   "Shiver Theory

Go flotted turnip
& stutter the neverant pitchearth
no blown out reorderings for fake ediction
go basalt scrounge mortifier
soaked in sprite sort

folio ham is mighty yarn
a palfully selfaware bullet of bread crusts
wagering hugely on an empty veil

she was the soda we meant to tackle
matter-of-fact in a cage match

you can pretend yourself until final believing
bellying sort strung self-impaired

or be lucky enough never to believe your own story"

--Highway Rob (via Th* Ingr*di*nt)

Sullivan & Murphy's B*owulf, ktp.

"The best families of the [Ragusan] republic vowed not to marry or have children whle under foreign occupation; and by 1918, when the Austrians were at last forced out in favor of the new Yugoslavia, they had all died out." --ibid

plush · liminal cataclysm
azury lift · in war a knoll

i can pay · roads full of victims
i pass · no word from any div

"We are too fond of reckoning always by mountains." --G K Ch*st*rton

Two story books about D'Annunzio: The Lion of P*scara by G*org* Macb*th; & Tamara by L C Shain*

"There was a cowhand once who said that Shakespeare was the only poet who wrote like he'd been raised on red meat." --Louis L'Amour

"When the heart weeps because it has lost, the spirit laughs because it has found." (via Pl*p)

Two for Bob.

"There exists a three-volume history of the coffeehouses of Pest and Buda, covering four centuries, full of the oddest details." --John Lukacs, Budap*st 1900 (1988)

Our civilization...

from Cibola · cicala wind
flows to Ubar · cicala wind

dimming sun · thick liquid mirror
must drown this lamp · cicala wind

an old building burns · from my past
that lavish war · cicala wind

kudzu shorn now · a hilltop inn
t'ward downtown aims · cicala wind

"An Ottoman dictionary of 1905 defined the word 'tyrant' as an American bird." --Lords of th* Horizons