Saturday, August 20, 2005


oscillating ash across
· I slit slapstick paratactic
stump Minotaur anchor ogham · raining osmium shards darg
schism gray forlorn is asking · tidal is falling

"Darg" is a day’s work. Guiron in a labyrinth our stumbling tags as goal. I would watch rain hurtling down among glas monoliths in my old days of plastic suit antics. I could not find my way out, but a gull did. Unknown worlds in our solar group (or actually, Oort Cloud) today found. Worlds.


artifact grisly staring · I afford falling octopus
ataraxia against · cruzada cilia island
blank my asking at random wrong · fill in ugly wish

Constantly modifying our algorithm until at last all habit is faulty and doubtful. Wash your hands with blood! So? Say it!

"The poetry of Milton differs from that of Dante, as the hieroglyphics of Egypt differed from the picture-writing of Mexico." --Macaulay


mutiny tutoring storm
· I anguish by stark hush staringI anguish by stark hush staring
worn argosy with into against
· is attacking for frail am
with war into again hush fist
· Isfahan sharing

" 'Why that's precise the error Squarcialupe'
(Hazarded Naddo) 'finds; the man can’t stoop
To sing us out,' quoth he, 'a mere romance;
He'd fain do better than the best, enhance
The subject's rarity, work problems out
Therewith.' " --Sord*llo


mutiny lungfish stomata · I unjust ryotwar kylix
slowly ruinous indigo · Ogpu afraid city
ash shark is stinky pools impair · bail still pallid links

In Uqbar I found no favor; without work, sitting hours in that unsound labyrinth, i did allow a light i had not known prior to going astray.


oscillating isthmus scram
· I allow blank calcium string
virtuous anybody · gora pillbug Isfahan
stars shorn impair outcast ascot · as across grisly

In that vast almost void plaza, musicians from sundry worlds brought fading sounds and apocalyptic vision to a crowd who did not particularly want to absorb it. In that parking lot full of mystics only a singular thing was sought: what would grant a working slob but his running away from all clocks and doors.

Public Hair Journals.

Friday, August 19, 2005

(via graphit*furnac* dot blogs dot com)


barium hasty grom I
· gumbo umbonic shadowland
gallons isaian stumbling
· lying ignorant brillig womp
ambulatory wig ajar · tubular immy

"Immy" is rolling glass. I thought at a particular point i had bad sick and was waiting for barium proof or no. Long waiting. At last i did call and found out. But i had to call.


coriolis wodwo crown · I confirm blin rinkydink as
Twinky wormwood idiocy · swarm pools accruing prom
formal twinkling insult airport · Icarian yolk ink

This song will go out into vacuum night, and it will not stop for stars or worlds. "Blin" is manifold cicada sounds. A Twinky of poison is modifying this hand’s alpha folly, but its flight has no plan of arrival. How could it?


sociology no scrawl · I conscious claw dog aglow myth
anybody roost ostrich · scissors grisly valid awash
slimy disappoint accruals · nothing unpacks us

Victoria’s bard’s "scissors" story, as told by Holland*r. My task of counting stars is not a story.
   To omit that fifth bit. What is it for? A stunt? A kind of andycay? An absorbing drug? A way of grasping global horrors by proxy? A tint in our common air, stain i point at by taking away.


magic rat aground I scry
· tribulations walking at last
frisky forlorn bunk · instinctually adscititious
gift as accost grisly cynic · attach ground bingo

Caught up at last. What day is it? "Adscititious" for G. Burns, who did not talk to yours truly all that much, actually.


thrills shotput crimson I algorithm · glass aspiring is
shorn forlorn stain spols quasar · stiffly scabrous crossing lithium
ammo issuant formula · unknown city

Pazuzu floating among foggy monoliths. I sat by a lamp writing, blindly taking tomorrow's words for nothing. Nothing.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

   "Victory Catsup"

Fomalhaut go smiling back
flow chanoyu calico fulcrum

still igloo Mozarab as impact silk alms
wing into

aglow abandon
rapacious ichor sky of Olofi mouth


We are near, Lord,
near and at hand.

Handled already, Lord,
clawed and clawing as though
the body of each of us were
your body, Lord.

Pray, Lord,
pray to us,
we are near.

Wind-awry we went there,
went there to bend
over hollow and ditch.

To be watered we went there, Lord.

It was blood, it was
what you shed, Lord.

It gleamed.

It cast your image into our eyes, Lord.
Our eyes and our mouths are so open and empty, Lord.
We have drunk, Lord.
The blood and the image that was in the blood, Lord.

Pray, Lord.
We are near.'

--Paul C*lan, Sprachgitt*r (tr Micha*l Hamburg*r,1980)


Wednesday, August 17, 2005


chains shadow walking I snow · Isfahan ash chary random
adjudicating fossil
· whirlpool twinkling gallop flak sky
city in agony giving · is inkly poor swirl

Fl**twood Mac, Th* Danc* not Rumours. Shall Isfahan catch an atomic rain? I stand asking.


chairs shark hallow
I brought aspic · as sharp pang crisp skiff who falls
slowly Olofi folding · twinkling wilt Abraxas cranch box
musjik again shady story · ballot astounding

"Abraxas" in D*mian i will always think of, and Santana. I in Madison took photocopy of an illustration from an old old book and had a stamp for it grown of caoutchouc. Athanasius K. i would turn into our kind of words, and did not alas.


choirs char tomorrow I grasp · astounding accruals shadow
warp cranch stir box amount rot · crying arrow body twinkling
with agaric fray gasping is · spurt walking is stunt

Sorrow for sundry sick humans is not a fit thing to sing about.


flair clangor
wallop I crunch · accusatory flimsy rail
insist ignition softly · groan twinkling walking flailing Olofi
loyal spin giddy · octopus frop quincunx

Almost forgot this.


nabi bazaar abuzz I · abasing jackpot tzompantli
salvation parks croak Salii · abjuring furious Oz
Azathoth misty rapacious · Ubar barium

Skull display wall is as a library. A song is a thing of war. "Salii" frolic for godly joy. Ubar still far in sands lost.

"But I stayed outside." (via wood_s lot)

Khalid thanks us.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


again igloo warm I and I
· ogganition slimy go
your own way writing am with harm · know addiction rich sobbing
against ignobly warp and wizard · its light forlorn

1 48 31 50 33 16 63 18
30 51 46 3 62 19 14 35
47 2 49 32 15 34 17 64
52 29 4 45 20 61 36 13
5 44 25 56 9 40 21 60
28 53 8 41 24 57 12 37
43 6 55 26 39 10 59 22
54 27 42 7 58 23 38 11

(Knight’s tour kamêa, sum 260.)


chairs whirlpool gallons I inconstant · aspiring swallow shadow
highbrow grinch slithy spiral · toff forlorn align ago dark
slowly Olofi wodwo snow · as nights sift snails scars

"...Philip K. Dick’s A Scanner Darkly was described on the back of the British edition as a 'transcendental autobiography.' (I never found that book credible enough, but we have now learned that when Dick was writing it, W. Mark Felt’s main FBI duty was to track down Deep Throat.)" --Arthur Hlavaty in Nic* Distinctions 10

"All distances are the same to those who don’t meet." --P*n*lop* Fitzg*rald


porismatic doff cranch I
· is smiling raucous stars riff scrim
adamant cobalt of oft · scratchy grisly sasquatch instant
acrostic shoddy pistol tiff · oscillating ash

"Cranch" is to turn off your human parts for work at a job that abhors humanity. (Java is good at this, but java has its own music.) If a conundrum can find its finish, you must ask rightly to know and that is a porismatic asking. Cranch is porismatic, for it shows you work is inhuman.

L*g*nds of th* Plum*d S*rp*nt.

Third Arm.

Monday, August 15, 2005


Tanith rainshadow incog
· I stairway dhimmi Orion
rippling and asking · throngs rapacious idiot rocks
swirl nights unison scam sonorous · agora gird

'Never cometh there unto them a new reinder from their Lord but they listen to it while they play.' --Pickthall’s Koran


Lilith withdrawal slack I
· strictly shargar twinkling lizard
stoop shiny idolatry
· Orcus Ramadan owl warior
slowly usurps slight vandalism · scar akin

"Shargar" is a puny ghost (Nabokov).


caring warrior crackpot
· I unbutton ignition swag
taonga crisp tripton highway
· loudly grisly octopus
argot banish scrounging skill spurn · worship stony nights

"Taonga" is things old days hand down. "Tripton" is floating tiny stuff. "Octopus argot" is varying colors.


plaid flung banana I Idalian
· affliction alphosis
musjid anchor aground abandon · sail on sail on nargilay
pillowbook birdtalk adytum · hallow sly fix

"Plaid" is matrix of colors thus a way of thinking. Spring morning i mow for no pay. Will work tonight and hard. Forgot my writing tool of alizarin. Such things hustling my art.


wraith prain vap I stow shitloads
· sparkling grimly vanish wisp ink
oval gap spy fizgig usurp
· its lost swarm is chirg mirrors
its all good rapacious ads · Isfahan assasin

So much trash in a singular day. Buildings that shift color.


wraith crimp walking I stick chow
· acrostic proud villainous Imbolc
apportion switch
balk flow skygoing kith and agony
mirrors asking stool pinch accruals · skyward scrawl chump

"Imbolc" is Groundhog Day.

"Does it have the gravitas, the power and the magic that goes with such an eminent position?"

"...the Cindy Sherman of the Extraordinary Rendition.." (via B*yond th* B*yond)

Sunday, August 14, 2005

   "Cowboys Don't Cry"

Amidst this swinging chaos, cowboys don't cry,
who gallop a gaunt logic: "cowboys don't cry."

At Crawford a road joins flags and our blood.
Many crying now. Firm cowboys don't cry.

A woman is waiting wants to know why
hands and dying hands drop slack. Cowboys don't. Cry.


ascian Isfahan scrying
· I caladium oncoming
nights as if java shotgun
· rapacious indigo is act
grand jyotishi dilatory
· infirm ogham

Finish going and stay.


lapis Tarot spitball I · asking stillborn gallons artificial
rock stalwart ash spool · silicon Atkins ibtida
factory sly allot Viagra · Sappho Isfahan

What in our old rock music is apropos for today? This is as food with admix of nonfood: sculsh. --A yardstick of truth in art. Not to gag at as bombs go off.


sodium wodwo idyll
· I survival tmia twist
forlorn adjusting twyborn
· loyal fiction adjusting by
sloppy alloys ripoffs ascian · lush droshky guisqui

Aparthood of rich and poor. But don't say it. War of two worlds. Only from a monstrous POV.


modifying wodwo adjusting · I afraid dying sick
in ignominious bwana · dowsing odium swim solid
carnivorous oddly ajaja · tubular

Pillbug is daily wodwo. Trap by own bad airt. Born on that plantation cloud. Furiously.


auditorium tubular
· adjusting I storm worship
fractal pillbug rush am storm · luminarias Ubar hush
illusions sasquatch pray carnivorous · add uji

"Uji" is ill of silkworms. "Tmia" is holy building. "Ubar" is sand lost city.


auditorium ruinous · idolatry I story
confound brumous gibbons putsch · amok crayfish bulbous misty
and mountain burying Isis · finicky adjourn

Spirits around us aid or withhold aid as malign winds prowl. Do you think it is worth asking for proof?

Instant Artist Ranking.

"Basically I have the audio surroundings of a Brazilian favela."

On my victrola: Forbidd*n Plan*t soundtrack.

At Camp Cas*y.

At Kang*rlussuaq.