Saturday, June 17, 2006

Odin's Run* Ch*ss.


"...Following the claim in New Scientist's Letters pages that there are now more fluent Klingon speakers than Esperanto speakers (17 March, p 62), Fox Lorber Films tells us it is releasing Incubus—the only feature film ever made in Esperanto—on video and DVD..."

"Photo After Pogrom

Arrangement by rage
of human rubble

the false-eternal statues of the slain
until they putrify.

Tossed on a pile of dead,
one woman,
her body hacked to utter beauty
oddly by murder,

attains the absolute smile
of dispossession:

the marble pause before the extinct haven
Death's drear
erasure of fear,

the unassumed

the purposeless peace
sealing the faces
of corpses--

Corpses are virgin."

--Mina Loy

Friday, June 16, 2006

by Iain Wylli* (via dir*ctart dot co dot uk)

Chango Walks.

fungal Guiron indigo
agnostic Saturn allot
aggry ruinous wisp grip
hot indigo giardino

Much quiz topics.

On my victrola- Arnold Schönberg: Variation*m für Orch*st*r op. 31

Aymara again.

Lagom (=Lojban "banzu" IMHO) (via Untranslatabl*)


Thursday, June 15, 2006

Haml*t's "Polacks" in 3sp*ranto & Klingon.

"The 1st esperantocore band in the world..."

"...of an imaginal Egypt 2-dimensional as a cigarette-packet design from 1913 but also n-dimensional - emerald gate to Jabulsa & Jabulqu the no-where Cities."

"For centuries Sogdian was the lingua franca of the Silk Road." --Richard C Foltz, R*ligions of th* Silk Road (1999)

Pick up trash as i go to dump ours. Walk past a mountain of building shards.

Zigra filch against · brisk rainfall
uffish · wintry slog
scour whilom · vaporous ogham
rancor · rim ingot


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A chirring among high fronds. Sad sound. Sky void of clouds. To command a car. Lordship wants.


Gyaos Aymara · watch tor
as a bylaw · small vap crwth
raucous twinkling · salvo string
scalding chill stink · folio
crawl back island · lamp abort


Kor*an Cha Ritual.

Klingon Word Blog...

"Is the Bible translated into Klingon a divinely inspired work?"

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Toxic books. All books that push a dualism as cosmic. Books misprising a crisis & miscall its origin. Books of angry arguing for no good. Books that push dominion of animals or humans. Books promoting bad art prior to good art.

World of Grob's Attack.

tumultuously · away
with imp[licit · foundation
cautious · shrinking Vlach haiku
slow rubric · ruinous thought
grasp · fraught Inquisition fight

"It was full of ostrich eggs; most mosques were--they were brought back from the Holy Land by pilgrims." --Lords of th* Horizons

You know it.

On my victrola- Chuck Mangion*: Th* Childr*n of Sanch*z

"Artfully, Ben carved diminutive elves from granite."

Monday, June 12, 2006

Air poison rank color crimson. Hot, and it will grow way past this hot amount; and our cost of cool air so much now. But what is our avid thought?--tall guys chasing a bouncing ball, in a big stink box.


"Some very spectacular effects occur in these higher and rarer states..."

that narrow pathway fair
    smooth nor coruscating
waiting to turn furnish
    glassthrough filthy rasp wing
to try spiral wind spool


Sunday, June 11, 2006

Op*rators and Things.

Air poison rank apricot.

rushing hungrily · as char risk
crystal grip · ryotwar ash
spillway bullion · slowly align

Thor · coruscating
scissorsglowing · fropstark
taciturn guards · java cooling

crisp skin · slowly rip