Saturday, March 06, 2010

Russia Preparing the Russian Sheeple for a Fake Alien Encounter.

"For the first time the mystery that coils like a great black serpent in the shining heart of the East startled and fascinated her, a mystery in which indifference and devotion mingle. The white figure swayed slowly to and fro, carrying the dull, humming voice with it, and now she seemed to hear a far-away fanaticism, the bourdon of a fatalism which she longed to understand." --Robert Hichens, The Garden of Allah (1904)

"Going By Helsem Way"

zhalx doloroso
flayed mariachi sculpture

this smoke is sweet
in the nostrils of the God of War

a high-pitched whirring
from the car next to me

like a neighbor's cancer
i suddenly know about

in the spring sunshine
in the glorious sunshine of spring

They Don't Know.

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