Tuesday, March 02, 2010

"Writing books--piling new narratives onto each one's internal mythical narrative--is a kind of surplus killing." --Susan Antonetta

"Changing counsel inside lightning"

powder blue neckties
mocha frappé chiller
from Merlin sleep the cry cry of the Regulus
fate looms bright what's one more sorrow thorn
they're only made of clay
to love
some of the things she loves
the morning light so corrosive
i can barely stand to see

the beginning of a story
that can contain
this too
the sound of a breeze
a la nue accablante

storage of all my songs
chrome or pewter
heft it
years will not destroy

the value of π will be three
should a machine say goodbye?
champion of light
and a soft sound of morning rain occult
backs off from the decree making it legal
lakh Hekla
illáh Allá Hallí

Jack Myers tribute in Espejo.

The Philosophy of Punk Rock Mathematics.

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