Tuesday, October 03, 2006

"This remarkable tour de force details with exquisite precision how the antiworld is tied to our everyday realm." (via Bliv*t)


a toy B-52 · liban troutou thorn
only · Mithridation thorn

throngs · of grout
swift irony · thorn

twinkling cloud god play · solitary
blind scrollwork but · Tsathoggua thorn

atqa accrual · Maban
many stars · daft thorn

scaffold dahusya polygraph · black diamond
wrong word · thorn

a viralata form · links
two potato shotgun and · aurora thorn

its twistboards sing with slag · lush gaunt gold
full youth · of my thorn


'We come to this town in droves, strangers to the last man, drawn by the glitter, and born to be burnt.' -3ndr* Ady, N*ighbours of th* Night

On my victrola- Od*tta Sings Folk Songs

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