Thursday, February 11, 2010


le ragve · vIQorghlaHbe'
le jorne · profound for iron sun.: Bleed left-
montojn senmovajn sur la tero i heft
look out for that
ne sais
pas vanilla jungle plus
him & Generalissimo are still dead
against teethchatter
midrash · feed
le pagre gvidas
back roads lost
the intersections not marked
and other apps
of the lissom cephalopods

"Maybe the larger question is: since when did we become a society lacking the instinct for self-preservation - that is, a society bent on suicide? (Also, Kunstler quotes Tabibi on Goldman-Sachs as "...a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity...")

Landscape with Two Saints.

"...many younger Turkish poets have already accepted and embraced my formulation of EDA as 'godless Sufism' after I defined it." Further: "Moby Dick is a pure Eda work."

Questions of Accent. (Repost:) Eda.

"Beneath the current of Turkish identity inspired by cultural pasha streets of weird-museums lies a counter-current of self-doubt and escape."

"This is to say, in the words of Prosper of Aquitaine, that 'it is the law of worship which founds or establishes the law of belief'."

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