Tuesday, February 09, 2010


glowing serum

falling rock
come in under the shadow of this falling rock

golden hand-grenade
cast-iron dragonfly

Chigger Hollow
Booger Hollow

glowing serum  unsweet tea  Mars Red
the star Mimosa

mysterious death
so plagued with clowns

dog furniture
L-shaped chomp taken out of a tree

did that foot-wide tortoise
make it across the highway interstate
what will they make say of this arch
ten thousand years from now
in ten thousand years

seven suppositories
there in the low ceiling'd room

limeade winks
gone when you look at them

remember a cat's name
wisteria incense

the departedness of a 78
pink and white plush platypus
to the world gone away

burgundy velvet · bank shot
unsweet tea
do not
drive into
flying monkey with a fez
do not
drive into

angelic hospice
dim lands of peace
a river strayed
sparkle in the noonday sun

vitiligo Lego

Help with Uighur names.

Someone likes one of my paintings.

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