Thursday, February 11, 2010

everybody fall in love with cellphone
sybarite hid
into carapace of work ethic
Ubar Tl∅n
gambit suicide blizzard
in dearth you note
ultimate carrot thrill stark
an ornament, standing beneath
That is of vertew barrane and denude;
pluveti nebulete in seattle
at the bottom of the lake
drowsiness, empty fences, sudden jasmines
fierce blottings of the windscreen
ankledeep in an instant
and fifteen minutes later the sky is blanu
rains i have danced in
and fled from
squamous Thracias
Pergolesi and Mulligatawny
a year later toilet paper left is
in the brush at Playa Escondido
rain against airplane window
waiting on the Heathrow runway
rains to be born again in
rains to die in
and the stars still laugh and cry and shine

anime rain
wavering pale lines · fading into mist
fading into mist
in sync with the day
or cross-grained with the day
dogs glued to the plexiglas portal
Pearl & Bryan
gambit suicide blizzard
blizzard suicide gambit
Certe le musycei estigos · faciligon
post la malfelicxo.

ru'inai carvi

the vicar
whither go all the vair and the ciscalatons
there is not a place for tigers
why should there be a place for you?

"Welcome to One-Eyed Jack's, sister." Probably the sexiest thing i've ever seen on television-& it happens between two women.

Hangul adopted by non-Korean speakers.

"...if we're not there right now, we've certainly taken that last turn into the parking lot and are now looking for a space."

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