Tuesday, February 09, 2010

the charity withheld
out of mere suspicion
i would rather dwell
on the Mormon Tahitian record
or the red one of frog cries
or the Rosicrucian cookbook
that just came in
nah-nah nah-nah
gibbous at the blue hour
"tree answers tree
with chittering waves"

i am Field Marshall Salamandrezar
and in my own little world i am
accorded much respect
gutbucket blues
Ka3aK klakydirgo DoJl2

Zapruder Tourist lyrics
fill your lungs with hum of the Black Fleet
the charity
you ever withheld returns
furosha curtail rigor
i imagine my lounges
under my money
m nouveau iblagh
only a cephalopod among cephalopods

"the folds in my map taking precedence over roads please" -Rusty Morrison

Correllian Alphabet.

Robogeisha. (via Metafilter) (Best comment: "And look, you know something is wrong when Germany is at your intervention." --mexican)

Meanwhile... (via #neda)

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