Thursday, February 04, 2010

"The Islam at the Top of the World"

coming down
from that impossible height

sleepwalkers cold it;
Li diros: Por cxiuj estos duoblo,

sed vi ne scias.
Listen: here's the
plan. In this solidity

of morning
rays rain night ice acid we have loved

the terror beyond mud we have fled ourselves

the house up for sale

the position lost through a mere thoughtlessness
coming up to the store screaming blind

as the vapors lift
that reveal

off-brand interrogatives
in the embattled dealership
linoleum brood wharves
bring your toys to life
the seeming triumph of evil
three quarters of the way into the movie
headless body in tapas bar
woodchuck pot pie

a portal to the source

vi le dimna danmo
oval demand on me

the Old Man of the Mountain
alone with the cephalopods

Oriental. (via Metafilter)

Edge of the Abyss. (via Systemic)

Abandoned Wonders of the World. (via Beyond the Beyond)

Immense forward-thinking overview of, er, people starting to talk about what to do.

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