Thursday, February 18, 2010

"Lucky Dragon No. 5"

after sojourning
in cold places

birds flying
against the glare

headlights brighten
before they turn

except there are ten
thousand streets without this dancing

not one of my better
parking efforts

No one is a poet: there is only the Poem-Wind; and maybe, if you are lucky, it will lift you up.

"Now, with the declassification, he can tell the truth."

Lucius Shepard reviews the film of The Road.

"Having lived through a very long period of manic optimism and increasing inclusion, we in the developed world are not used to expressions of the dark side of human nature, except for entertainment purposes in popular television programmes. It will come as a considerable shock." (via Dave Pollard)

200 Artisan Skills Required to make a Victorian Town Functional. (via the prec.)

The future is Argentinian.

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