Thursday, February 18, 2010

>Subject: Fw: Great Poet featured at DPc's 1st Friday Reading and Open Mic
>Hi everybody, I hope everyone can come to this week's DPC First Friday Reading at Half-Price Books. Please see the attachment for more details. Also, don't forget: the DPC is also sponsoring a poetry contest; deadline is Nov. 29. Also, even if you can't attend, maybe you can help spread the word!
>Thanks for your consideration,

    "A Meeting

He had awaited me,
The jackal-headed.

He from Alexandria
In the days of the Dynasts,

I from Philadelphia
In a time of indecisions.

His nose sniffed, impassive,
Hust of the aeons.

A sneeze wrenched my brain
--I couldn't control it.

His hairy ears listen
Long. He is patient.

I sift tunes from the winds
That blast my quick head.

His agate eye gazes
Straight ahead, straight ahead.

Mine watch clocks and turn
In especial toward one face.

I thank Priestess of Ra
Who brought us together,

Stone-cutters of Pharaoh
And The Trustees of

The British Museum.
When with dog-eared Anubis

I must sail toward the sun
The glistering Phoenix

Will ride on our prow;
Behind the hound-voices

Of harrying geese
Sink the cities of striving,

The fiefdoms of change
With which we have done,

Grown in grandeur more strange,
More heroic than life was

Or the dark stream at peace,
Or wings singed in the sun."

--Daniel Hoffman, in: A Controversy of Poets

"In the course of examining and recording data on over a thousand books and portfolios with illustrations of Poe's works, I have seldom been so puzzled about evaluating the merits and relevance of an obviously considerable pictorial effort."


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