Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Pray for Rain Rally"

all the things we don't do anymore
'cause it's too much trouble

this is gearing up for
ev'rything-a thousand times-harder

Uqbar dink
retsina banister
the porous prophet
rain all night and all morning

long-ago ink spatters
walg of radar fog law

blitz iatrogenic
masked gunmen in red,
in blue, in green
Nothing willingly
to sleep's kingdom ceded
the bur-striated sky
crawling red dot-matrix words
mallimito kaj
flesh-eating bacteria
rid a Naso mimosa nadir
baby octopi in a bowl · gnawl water
na ghIgh · Bigelow
swept back boxkite
of calcspar
the trunks solid black
in the wan light of removal

i think we are all agreed

"If I had lived in the U.S., my parents would have faced a choice between paying for my incredibly expensive treatment or watching me die."

Map of Online Communities. (via plep - NY)

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