Thursday, February 04, 2010

qadhulu sidhe khanjar
unwet in the sea through water
visiting the tombs
greasy dark evil.;
Homely souls and hungry

sweatshop chopsticks ply
teach ourselves dokhma
spliff Tryphiodorus
Ofte desiros la

straining, humming noise
pay off my debts in
nine years
fox shoethief
greasy dark watermark
having emerged
out of a hectic season
images of trees shaking
black & white 80 years back
the shadowy overhead pipes
at WalMart
my hour of carting trash
twilight & whatever falls
circle once or twice
the larger picture all but lost
is anything helping
is the war still on
British Racing Green the pushbroom
gladiator glove day & night
i could get a record made
in ununbium
decorated with cephalopods

"I don't believe the Etruscans or the Mayans
lacked poets, only victories." --Marge Piercy

The one thing we do need a word for, is: "thirding".

The Umbrists were not dead...! (Though apparently they will still be around in 2066.)

"Sith poetry – of any type – is a rarity, as Sith Lords rarely waste their time with such worthless artistic efforts and intellectual pursuits. Most are more concerned with ruling their tracts of territory and combating various internal and external rivals. What Sith poetry there is, is usually kept under lock and key in secret Sith libraries, away from the prying eyes of the public. The only poems that are open for examination are imperfect copies smuggled out by servants, who are usually killed shortly thereafter if their thefts are discovered."

2M1207b blogged about in Welsh.

A podcast on Dritok.

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