Thursday, February 18, 2010

"There are more Nazis in Germany than there are Jews; and, ghastly as the treatment of Jews has been, it has a counterpart which is as bad for the balance of mankind. That is the degradation of the Nazi himself, his bestialization in these successive pogroms. What Hitler has done to young Germany--the youth which he trains and from which he recruits his gangsters--is even more horrible in the long run, as will abundantly be proved during the lifetime of this generation, than his persecution, spoilation and expulsion of the Jews. For in a transaction of this kind, a mass crime with a mass criminal and a mass victim, all must suffer: the victim immediately in blood and spirit, the criminal by his rapid and irretrievable degradation to savagery, and the remainder of the species by the necessity of either subduing the savage or submitting to him." --Vincent Sheean, Not Peace but a Sword (1939)

a voice for being listened to
a voice for making things happen

wandered off into caverns

City of Tiny Lights.

Game Over.

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