Tuesday, February 09, 2010

(this picture & those following are by Melanie Pruit)

"At the Liberty Memorial"

baseball cap wyvern
wheelbarrows of cash
prices changing hourly
a Lego Yoda

As i was climbing up the solemn hill,
memorial to the war to end all wars,
its burning emptiness threw me a chill

and i imagined how, if they'd been right,
and people many generations later,
hundreds of years of peace and friendship later,

would gaze upon the monument and say,
"It was those soldiers' sacrifice that won
the world we know today," and they would sigh;

and maybe it was not so foolish then
as it seems now, to fangle such a thing:

and maybe there is something fucked in us,
to make us think dread war will always be.

phantom rental car syndrome
shimmering and

"I'm aspiring to a storm worth surviving." --Reginald Shepherd

My favorite part of Shock Treatment.

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