Thursday, February 18, 2010

would not the art of shoes have been perfected
when I will wear a garment all of blood
heroic martyrdom at the edge of space

gray skies unwound · pellscryven · margh-built cubes
how big is up to you
a history of luminescence

skull-octopus scampering
as we involve the crisis in our stories

a world of broken toys
PG Tips
clunk as i set the upturned mug own

air you could cut with a knife
warm, humid, no doubt a front on the way
but the weather radar's clear

jellyfish of the wrong explanation
the number of boxes of records
doubles in my absence

" the conflict of rhetorics, the victory never goes to any but The Third Language." --Barthes

Lhasa Beer.

"...though I think it less likely the dollar will become an E-Bay phenom like the currency of Zimbabwe."

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