Friday, January 30, 2004

"Cryptome is attacked several times a day, like many other sites, nearly always by rogue bots, or bots set by default to siphon everything, including deep links, until a new user learns to trim the wide mouth suck. WGet and Webdup are the worst offenders, but not the only ones, because they come ready to siphon everything until reconfigured. Hog bots suck thousands of files in a session before pole-axed. Prime offenders also are the ravenous searching and indexing engines, which 24/7 roam the web repeatedly gobbling the same files, or trashing with 304s for files already indexed. Because these pigs shutout other readers, Cryptome blocks any address which downloads more than 100 files per session, and that often requires blocking an entire domain for providers which assign a random address per session." --Cryptome (via Dumb Monkeys)

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