Saturday, January 24, 2004

I suppose it shouldn't come as a surprise that the most powerful force in American politics today is something we don't even have a word for. So i will just invent one: thristnidinghent- the ability to ignore the needs of others. This goes all the way from the clerk who studiously ignores you at the checkout counter, to people who will step over a body on the sidewalk without breaking stride (not to mention higher crimes of our unbenevolent masters). Thus we can cease with historically-inaccurate sobriquets of "Nazi" & "fascist" & simply state: "This debate is over whether thristnidinghent is a good thing or a bad thing." And: "These purthristnidinghensive policies must be changed."

   "Neanderthal Poem aka State of the Union Speech, 2004

me bushman in white cave!
me strong, me big!
me want more more more!
four more!

me want me clan big go, big go iraq!
bad bad iraqi have big big stones!
me want no big stones in not me clan!
me stone-man, me club-man!
not me not have stones, not clubs!
they bad!

big go iraq rock throw on bad bad iraqi!
club hit bad bad iraqi in Baghdad!

bad iraqi not bow me clan!
not bow not pray in me sacred cave!
hide in bad-man cave!
me no find long time!

me want big go iraqi too!
me big go eat bird on bird day with me clan!
me do me want, me all do me want!
me big!

me find bad man iraqi clan big man!
me clan clean big bad man bad hair!
eat bad man lice get bad man spirit!

me want all not me like me!
not me do like me do!
all do me do!

all pray in me cave me spirit!
me spirit most big spirit!
one spirit three spirit!
spirit died help me win!
spirit died on tree-flesh me!
me pray to tree-flesh!
tree-flesh totem!

all bad bad iraqi pray to voodoo totem!
pray five!
five bad!
pray bad day!
me pray first day bad bad iraqis pray seven day!

they shaman bad mans!
but bad man help me clan good!
good bad man hit brothers sisters me club me stone!
kill brothers sisters mothers fathers!
they good bad mans!

me clan big man four more!
me want win me win!
me more sacred bones!
bad mans me clan lose!
they no bones!
they no big father!
they not many bow bow pray!
me bow bow pray more!
me good!"

--Millie Niss on the Buffalo Poetics List

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