Saturday, June 19, 2004

Once again the natural foods store where i do most of my shopping, has discontinued one of my staple items. This must be the dozenth time. I know that modern hyper-capitalism tends to punish loyal consumers & reward the "fickletons" (those who switch to the new as soon as it appears), but you'd think a place with a semi-sustainable philosophy would be above such considerations. But i see this in a wider context, as a part of the dominance of one kind of perception over another, that (whether or not consciously) competition & economic stress are used to justify favoring. It's like radio stations that only play one kind of music--the "format"--instead of (as in the old days) having DJ's who pick out their own choice of perceived good music. It's class over the separate individual. And under the mercy of a democratic "market", the unpopular is phased out, whether or not it may actually have been better than the more popular ones. And people think there's no point in fighting that iron hand. Imagine, though, that this were a Commons--an ecosystem--in which variety itself is seen as a benefit. We might even put up with a slightly less efficient economy, just to hang on to things we care about for themselves. Yeah, think of that.

Among the Meek so endangered, find poets & poems.

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