Wednesday, June 16, 2004

The Other Exile-Myth. An interpretation of the Sixties: All Hell Broke Loose. And things have never been the same since. Which is not untrue. But so have the people who came after, grown into changed beings. Only, so to speak, the dismay of the elders who were there in the Sixties still hangs in the air, & can be channelled by others who really weren't there when the status was quo. And they apply it to the far different wrongs of today.

By a curious & significant rhetorical inversion, those who disagree with them are accused of being deceived by a Spook from the Sixties. Young Republicans fancy themselves as hardnosed realists. (Not barbarians.) But this myth lends seeming legitimacy to all manner of vandalism against infrastructure: it's supposed to be putting things back where they were.

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