Tuesday, July 27, 2004

"There's something a bit weird about sitting here at the airport blogging while watching a CNN report about bloggers on the news monitor." --Atrios

Idea for a form: Renghazal (renga-ghazal). Odd-numbered couplets have 17 syllables combined; even ones have 14. Couplets linked by renga-like connections. Probably should only repeat the one word, at the end of each couplet.

I was doing checkout, at the raised pulpit, when all the lights flickered out a second then came back on immediately, & at the same time a sound like a raggeder sonic boom was heard from the mall across from us. Everyone stopped & looked that way. A minute later another (no flicker); half a minute later, the last.
I found out a water main broke.

"For those who desire an honourable release, typhoid lice, three in a box, price twopence, are peddled in the streets by starving corner boys." --The Orators

Listening to- Ancient Ceremonies: Dance Music & Songs of Ghana

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