Saturday, July 03, 2004

Virtual fireworks. (thanx Melanie!) --Click where you want them.

The air perfumed with onions frying in olive oil.

  habits, the
  glue still wet

07 01 04

‘When substance [zhi] outweighs style [wen], we have a rustic; when style outweighs substance, we have a clerk. Only when style and substance are equally combined do we have the cultivated man.’ --Confucius, cited by McCullough ibid

Not many artworks i know of are like a glass of water or a bottle full of coke. I think this metaphor has passed its expiration date. Let art be like tea. Under distant suns you gather the fragrant leaves; prepare them under very particular conditions; then (after vicissitudes) you bring water & new fire & time to steep. Only then is the artwork (& the metaphor) complete.
   Let us vie opinions on the best climate for growing & the best education for preparing & the merits of various fires & waters. But enough of FORM VS CONTENT!

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